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Instagram Shade: Do Our friends Call Us “Repulsive” Behind Our Backs?

By October 29, 2015 0

So it appears that these are the unspoken rules of Instagram:

If you post selfies you are vain.

If you post workout pictures you are a showoff.

If you post pictures in tight clothing you are a slut.

If you post pictures with too much makeup on you are an attention whore.

If you post too many pictures you are annoying.

Basically, if you post ANYTHING you are going to be judged by the greater Instagram Gods a.k.a. your friends, family and peers.

When I first began my Instagram account, I was posting poorly taken photos of everything and anything! But now I find myself holding back and only posting a picture every now and then because I do not want to disturb my “followers.”

How ridiculous is that?

This self-consciousness comes from all of the commentary I hear from friends and peers alike bashing Instagram posts all the time! The worst part is that the comments are never just an “I don’t like that picture”…it’s usually more along the lines of: “she has a huge nose,” “her hair has so many split ends,” “she’s totally sucking in her stomach” and “in 10th grade I saw her wearing a bra from Walmart…like, this girl is just repulsive and she should start working out more.” 

Of course, in between the ridiculing they look at me and say something like, “well you model so its okay for you to post a selfie.”

Over time, I have let such criticism influence me and I actually feel a bit guilty posting a picture to Instagram.

But this this needs to stop! I need to take back control. I need to go back to being that gutsy 17-year-old Ivy, who never thought twice before posting a blurry picture of her eyeshadow!

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and everyone deserves to share their beauty with the world, in whatever format they so choose.

I am PRO-SELFIE, and if you aren’t maybe you should consider the reason why.

P.S. After writing this article, I posted a picture of myself in a laundromat, just because I can :-)