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Yesterday Restored My Faith In Humanity; More Specifically, In Teenage Girls.

By September 28, 2015 0

I was on the subway, two stops away from my destination when a group of presumably high school aged girls got on the same car as me. I’m not usually one to eavesdrop, but the car was crowded so it was virtually impossible for me to advert my ears. I hear one of them bring up a person named “Ashley,” a friend of theirs that wasn’t with them at the moment. I rolled my eyes and prepared myself to hear all the negative opinions they had about their “good” friend Ashley. To my surprise, however, they began talking about how pretty and cool she was. I wanted to stand up, high five all of these girls, and congratulate them on being awesome people. It’s too often nowadays that girls hate on other girls in a sad attempt to feel better about themselves. I think it’s great that these girls were appreciating their friends beauty and talent, instead of pinpointing her every flaw. As the subway reached my stop, I left the car feeling refreshed and happy that not every girl low-key hates on their “best friends” behind their backs. Us girls have got to stick together! There’s nothing wrong with admiring certain qualities of other girls and there’s definitely nothing wrong with throwing a few compliments around once in awhile. Not only will you make some girl’s day, you’ll also feel great about yourself because you’ll know you boosted someone’s confidence.

Girl on girl hate is SO ugly. 

In a world where girls are still struggling to overcome the biases, there’s no reason for us to hate on each other too! Imagine if all girls talked about their friends the way my little subway chicks talked about Ashley. I bet there would be less body-image and self-esteem issues.


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