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I Hope Our Next President Is On Snapchat

By January 4, 2016 0

Jerry Seinfeld hosts a show entitled Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and his most recent guest was none other than our 44th president, Barack Obama.

The thing about this show though, can be induced from its first word, “Comedians”

Obama is in government. He doesn’t do standup. Why is he there?

That might be your thought process is you’re a staunch conservative, and therefore, stuck in the 1950’s. 

I myself am happily married to the concepts and ideas of this generation, and fully appreciate when president’s act like people, and not actors playing a role of a stern, all-too-serious human being, with zero personality.

This is why I dig Obama. Watch any speech or interview he has done and you can easily see the spirit and humor that lies within him. He is incredibly easy-going and likable, to the point that he is actually able to perform well on shows that are intended for professional comedians.

What struck me about Obama’s time as president has been his willingness to approach new people and be placed in more non-professional settings (Nickelodeon, Walmart, web series, comedy shows etc.). Working with Seinfeld, or even Jon Stewart, has allowed for Obama to be more himself—which ultimately, is just a human being, not the antiquated idea of what a president ought to be.

It’s amazing to see a president that can break his strict role as a government official seamlessly. That in and of itself, is a historical achievement.

Adding to that, Obama has this way about him that is just, well, inclusive. You want to be his friend. You want to know what he likes on his pizza, his favorite show to watch at night, his favorite ice cream toppings, whether he keeps a diary, whether he is 1D AF, whether he lets his daughters date— the list is endless, really. People want to know this about him because he doesn’t hold this “I’m better than you” attitude.

In fact, he more closely resembles the average American person, insomuch so that it pains me that he doesn’t yet have a Snapchat account. Because what is so wrong with humanizing politics? It’s 2016. Can we stop acting like robots? Uniform suits everyday work that people aren’t comfortable in, a set of “acceptable” mannerisms and interests depending on your career path—it all just needs to die, am I right?

Because despite his ability to laugh at himself and with others, he still gets the job done, especially  for those who are not on the right wing’s agenda; Obama Care provides those with health care who otherwise couldn’t receive it, his and his wife’s Let’s Move! Campaign allows for healthier and more affordable food to be put into our nation’s bodies, he has made great strides for marriage equality, he is allowing people to find forever homes here in our country and probably my favorite: he is making college more affordable for those (ME) who can’t afford $30,000+ each and every year.

He is a man who works countless hours a day, gets critiqued from every angle of his life and is surrounded by a bunch of people who make a shit ton of money that don’t care to help those less fortunate than themselves, and yet he still wants to help.

I think this largely comes from his upbringing and the odds that have forever been against him. He wasn’t raised  with the most money, yet he still made a name for himself. Most notably, he is black, like no other president before him was, which let’s face it—with our country’s history, the odds were stacked incredibly high against him on that one.

He has shredded through every barrier put before him, and I truly believe that’s what he wants for the American people today.

Hey, if you still don’t believe me and think he is only doing things to gain popularity, just take his word on it:

“I have no more campaigns to run…I know because I won both of them.”

Words spoken, like a BOSS.