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A New Year Does Not Equate to a “New You”

By January 5, 2016 0

So it’s a New Year…YAY!

Do you know what that means? New year, new YOU amiright?!?!?


Hate to be the bearer of bad news (I really do)—but you are still you.

Let me break this down for everyone who I am sure is going to label me as ‘negative’ or as the storied ‘hater’. The truth is this; unless you have gone through some extreme DNA reconstruction or something of the likes—you are still you.

That being said, the notion of wanting to be a better person in the new year is a lovely idea, but what I want to know is why did you have to wait for the new year to start? Shouldn’t we always focus on becoming better people? We should constantly be working to reach all of our goals and establish new ones along the way.

While going about my morningly Instagram feed scroll I came across a post that I could not help but cringe at. It read,

 “2014 was practice, 2015 was the warm up, 2016 is game time.”

I feel like I see some variation of this every year and quite frankly it just doesn’t make sense to me. Practice, warm up, game time? WHAT? I didn’t realize that these prior years were a warm up. For what? Life? And what were all the years before then? Does that mean 2017 will be overtime if we don’t achieve our “new year, new me” 2016 goal? Who is ref-ing this game because I have questions?

Now I know it seems a little silly (and maybe it is) to pick a part a positive social media post that was clearly not meant to be taken literally, but I can’t help but ask: WHY?

We shouldn’t wait for a new year to work on reaching our goals, we should just do it! You don’t need a new year to become a more awesome person. Years are just a measure of the cycle of the Earth around the Sun. Don’t wait for a new cycle to do something great, just do it (thanks Nike).

It’s awesome to establish a goal that you would like to achieve within the New Year because goals are great. Make lots of goals. Goal yourself crazy, just please STOP saying “new year, new me”.

Much Love