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Why Everyone Should Read The Bible, Regardless Of Religion

By December 6, 2015 1

Okay, calm down everyone. You don’t HAVE to read the Bible and I’m sure many of you don’t want to. In fact, most people haven’t read it, at least not in its entirety. Non-Christians most likely assume it’s pointless to read a book they don’t believe and even most Christians have not read the entirety of the Bible and its related works, possibly because it is so lengthy. However, my goal is to convince you otherwise. As a person of no religion, I hope my impartiality will convince you of the Bible’s universal worth.

1. It’s A Famous And Even Infamous Work Of Literature.
Even if you don’t believe in the teachings of the Bible or its larger-than-life stories, aren’t you at all curious about the most (sort of) read book in history? This book has influenced countless wars, murders, and has produced hatred. It has also inspired people, given them hope, and provided them with a moral code. And it has everything a good book should like intricate and bizarre tales full of vivid imagery. You might be surprised to know how much sex, violence, incest, rape, and murder exists within the stories of the Bible, ya know, if you’re into that stuff.

2. It’s At LEAST Historical Fiction.
I won’t say the Bible is historically accurate. None of its events can be proven. But the ancient culture, customs, and language are all historically truthful. It’s worth reading just to learn about history.

3. Actually Reading It Helps You Form Counter Arguments.
Dear angry non-Christians, you should probably read the book if you want to form successful counter arguments against Christianity. It might be easier to just deny its legitimacy but, if you actually read the book, you’d find many contradictions that would suit your arguments just fine.

4. Its Moral Code Is Somewhat Sound.
Once you get past the permitted incest, misogyny, polygamy, and slavery, the Bible has some really good morals. If you’re like me, you don’t need the Bible to define morality and it should be pretty obvious that murder and adultery are not okay. But if not, the Bible has definitely transformed many sinful souls into moral beings with the peaceable teachings of Jesus Christ.

If the reasons provided haven’t convinced you yet, ask yourself these questions. Can you call yourself a Christian if you haven’t read the entire Bible? Can you call yourself an atheist if you haven’t even read the opposing view? Can you call yourself an English major, historian, or even a well-cultured individual if you haven’t read one of the most prominent literary compilations in human history? Regardless of your religion, regardless of the Bible’s credibility, and regardless of your interest in books, the Bible has made a huge impact on the world.

Don’t be the atheist who argues against Christianity from behind a computer screen and then, when asked for evidence, has to google it. Don’t be the Christian who calls Mary Magdalene a prostitute despite the fact that the Bible never even says so (and actually says quite the opposite). And don’t be the spectator who knows nothing about the Bible except for what he is told, yet still forms uneducated opinions. Just please, I’m begging you, read the Bible before you say something stupid.


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