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This Holiday Season, Let’s Hand Out Money To Rich People!

By December 12, 2015 0

Scrolling through my Instagram the other day, I saw a post from a prominent fashion website offering a chance to win a $2500 holiday shopping spree, and I thought “Wow! What a great cause! Giving money to your Instagram followers so they can buy a pair of Prada loafers and a Céline bag and look just like their favorite fashion blogger! Because these people really need and deserve free money to look chic!”

No. I’m kidding. I thought, “that is fucking gross.”

Let’s take a second and consider what $2500 could do if it were given to charity:

…. Among thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of more causes who are more deserving of this $2500 than whatever Instagram follower is inevitably going to end up with it.

Companies have incentive to give money to their fans and followers — it’s good marketing, trust me I get it (I was in business school for three semesters, as I like to tell anyone who will listen) — but it’s frustrating as hell to see money going to undeserving people when it could be so, so much better spent. Everyone likes free money, but it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone should have the chance to get it especially if they don’t actually NEED it.

We’ve become so selfish (myself, included — I love presents just as much as the next girl) but this holiday season lets take a minute to consider how we can give back in addition to giving to our loved ones, and to ourselves.