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The #ImNoAngel Campaign Really Pisses Me Off.

By December 11, 2015 0

On Tuesday night, I was one of millions and millions of people who tuned in to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

My friends and I sat around drinking wine and eating Ben and Jerry’s  and talking about how incredible all of the girls looked and how much we love Selena Gomez (I’m a cliché, I acknowledge it).

Yes, the runway needs more diversity both physically and ethnically — trust me, I acknowledge that — but there’s no denying that the girls all looked DAMN good. Not to mention, happy.

And why shouldn’t they? They’ve worked hard to get themselves onto the runway of the most-watched fashion show in the world, and for a lot of them (Kendall, Gigi, looking at you two) it was a lifelong dream come true.

But all of that is besides the point.

Immediately after the show, a Lane Bryant Commercial came on featuring plus-sized models in lingerie. Like the women in the VS show, these women also looked beautiful and confident, and rightfully happy.

I loved the ad, and thought it was an incredible way to finish off the show — until the phrase  “I’m No Angel” appeared across the screen.

I get that the point of it was probably to make all of the non-model-sized girls who had just spent the past hour fat-shaming themselves as they watched Lily Aldridge prance down the runway in a thong and $2Million bra feel good about themselves, but why does Lane Bryant need to put down one body type to promote another one? That’s not body positivity, it’s body shaming.

Until we stop comparing one body to another as being “better” or “worse” and “thinner” or “fatter,” things aren’t ever going to change. Every body is different — I learned that in a Dr. Seuss book when I was 4 — and it’s something the media needs to acknowledge when putting together ridiculous, and borderline offensive, ads like this one.