Your Heart

The Difference Between A One Night Stand And A Shooting Star

By December 28, 2015 1

Everyone knows I enjoy the tempo of anything off-beat. The unplanned moments of life, that render me breathless. Because life isn’t meant to be an itinerary, it’s meant to dazzle us, regularly.

I try to fall in love every single day; with a view, with an idea—with a simple sentence even. And last night I toyed with the idea of forever with a perfect stranger.

It was in Florida, it was on vacation, and it was otherworldly. He had magnificent blue eyes— they could have flooded and sank the moon. The kind you get lost inside of, drunk inside of. Intoxication. Hypnosis.  

We were introduced over a poolside fire pit with friends, and everything starts and ends there really. Because it was lust at first sight—love perhaps, at fourth. 

Our pack decided to then head over to a bar where the only thing more terrible than the music was the atmosphere; it was stale, musty— all the wrong kinds of fragrant adjectives, and my god was that place crowded. I am fairly certain there was a sexy santa-claus competition going on behind us as well, but I couldn’t hear it at all.

All I could hear were his eyes. That sweet Sinatra, lullaby-blue. 

Because all I could hear were his eyes. That sweet, Sinatra, lullaby-blue.

On second thought, we may have been alone in that crowded bar…

Haven’t you ever just wanted to feel somebody’s soul, instantly? To know all of their thoughts and fears and anxieties—straight into the center, without regard? That’s exactly where he and I were headed, and under the stars no less, because after the bar we took a barefoot stroll alone to the end of a cul de sac. We sat down on some stranger’s lawn, and hit pause on the world around us.

He told me about his dad. I told him about my mom. We talked about what we were told to be, who we’d hoped we be, and the kind of people we’d never be. We had known one another for exactly 5 hours, when he turned to me and said,

“I would really like to date you”.

3am on Christmas Eve and I was falling in love with a sentence. Because I’ve always known in my daydream heart that mine would be a divine tale of togetherness: an illustrious collision, a titanic ever-after, and a happily thereafter since.

Plus our hands fit so well. His 6’5 body guarding my 5’6 frame.

Were we not already dating?

It was his terrifying sincerity that led the way into the bedroom. Having sex with him was almost familiar of course, as we had already glimpsed inside of one another’s souls. The rest was the harmonic consequence. When it was time to go to bed, I braided my legs within his and faded fast to sleep. Comfortable: my head assuring the death of his left arm beneath it.

And in the morning, we began again. 

The difference between a one night stand and a shooting star is freedom. Love is so free. It’s so EVERYWHERE. You don’t have to get blackout drunk and sneak out of his apartment in heels in the morning. You don’t need to sit gluing the millions of broken glass pieces from your past relationship. And you most especially don’t need to force a relationship upon an invisible timeline to fill a void because Love is actually EVERYWHERE. So un-chart your territory, people. Don’t look— LEAP.

Because if I never see him ever again, every second would have been worthy. The magic of a night spent drowning in blue eyes.