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Can You Call Yourself A Feminist And Not Respect Kim Kardashian?

By January 19, 2016 0

This past Christmas my brother jokingly asked for Kim Kardashian’s selfie “book” , oh-so-creatively entitled Selfish.

Out of pure curiosity as to what a selfie book even was, I “read” it.

This may not startle you but a selfie book is quite literally pages on pages of selfies tied together and sealed with her name, Kim Kardashian. She categorizes her selfies by years starting at the beginning of her success in 2006, culminating to the birth of her daughter, North West, in 2013.

At first glance, (okay second, third, and even fourth glances as well) it all looks like one big deplorable waste of trees, and so  let’s just go ahead and get the obvious rebuttals out of the way, shall we?:

For starters, why the fuck did anybody allow her to do this? It’s literally a book of her pictures. It supposedly attempts to tell a story about how she reached her fame, but in reality, it’s just a well-bound collection of images of her parading around, flaunting the money she has made from an initial sex tape and the subsequent exploitation of her family on the E! Network.

Spoiler alert: (okay there can really be no spoilers in a book entitled “Selfish”) there is one section of the book completely dedicated to her nudes. Talk about the objectification of women. For a family that has been trying to gain respect from the world for almost ten years now, she’s not doing a great job of proving to the critics that she’s anything more than a pin-up.

But then there’s this sordid tidbit of reality: I’m complaining about this book in a blog, while she’s making millions from it.

And that my friends, is the reason why the Kardashians are so successful.

After seeing that her show was a success, Kim began developing a life of luxury complete with self-named perfumes, clothing lines, social media fame, spinoff shows and now a book. Guess how much she’s made off of our viewership and criticisms? It is reported that she has a net worth of $85 million dollars.

That’s a lot of dollars.

And how? Well it’s a paradoxical, but extremely intelligent business strategy; Kim and her team understand the stigma associated with the Kardashian name. Much of this stigma is surrounding her body and face. So what do they do? They create an entire book pinpointing just that: capitalizing upon the general distaste or bewilderment of the public.

Essentially, Kardashian created something that she knew would sell, and it positively thrived in the market. Hence even more money and success as a prosperous businesswomen and celebrity, which is something any feminist should  get behind am I right? Feminism is so rooted in the ideals of supporting women in business—supporting women who get to the top—even if it is through the usage of the negative stereotypes of women in a somewhat reverse psychological scheme against society—that I always find myself stopping short of criticizing the Kardashian Family.

I find myself considering instead, just what it is Kardashian is sharing within the pages of her book. She printed “her story” in the form of her body, for anyone to see. Throughout the years, she has become this woman that is so comfortable with who she is and what she looks like that she is so willing to share these private (sometimes beyond private) moments of her life. She loves who she is and it’s about damn time society and the people within it realize that our bodies shouldn’t are ours: not meant to be covered up and socially stigmatized due to political or social concepts. Every body is beautiful and we should credit any woman who has successfully marginalized those who say it isn’t.

So for those of you who do not understand what Kim Kardashian has done for society, you should perhaps consider deeply how wonderful it is that we can purchase a book so openly of a woman whose body is on full display. A woman who happily owns who she is, and makes no apologies or attempts to change it. Whether or not that is exactly who you wish to be has little to do with the fact that we are inching toward a society where as women, we have the right to openly choose.

And yes, we have the rise of Kim Kardashian to partially credit for that.