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The Reason Stay-At-Home Wives Tend To Be Bat-Shit Crazy

By September 15, 2015 0

I believe in evolution.

I believe that evolutionary prowess can sometime unfold without intent. We examined this in the case of African Americans and slavery; because their bodies were subjected to harsh work in the fields for centuries- they are today, more physically predisposed to athleticism. (If you follow sports, you know that this isn’t an opinion).

And I think something similar can be said for women.

It took a long time for the rights of women to advance. For centuries upon centuries our role, irregardless of socioeconomic class, was firmly in the household. This means, that if a woman wanted to make anything happen, she had to learn to do so with her mind. We developed traits of mental strategy, manipulation when needed, and an ability to influence our male counterparts without any trace of physicality or aggression.

This is why I believe women belong at the tops of companies today, and this is also why I shudder when a man in business informs me that his wife is “stay-at-home”.

Don’t get me wrong, when I have children someday I plan to pull back on work a bit, so that I can be a present mother, but when children go to school, their parents should go to work. This statement becomes mandatory when referring discussing wealthier households where help in the form of caregivers is a staple.

A woman who thinks she will be happy at home spending her husband’s money is ill-advised. She will become incredibly bored, and within that state of boredom, create issues and conflicts that do not exist outside of her mind. I have seen this happen countless times. The wife that calls her husband at work because she is having an apocalyptic morning because, wait for it, the housekeeper is running 10 minutes late and so who is going to pick up after her?; the woman who is one step from calling 911 because her Prada shoe is missing, and well, someone MUST have broken in and stolen it because who doesn’t want just one Prada heel; the sociopath who pretends that if her one-year-old child hiccups its because his father left for work because she read in some Dr. Phil book somewhere that hiccups are a sign of abandonment and so the child needs its father and yes, daddy better come straight away.

Nope ladies– this isn’t about the hiccups or the missing Prada shoe: this is about the job you don’t have. You just need a little purpose. You’re mental because you have been predisposed to this mentality, and if you can’t apply it somewhere, you are going to implode, and become the maybe not-so-off-the-mark stereotype of a “crazy bitch”.

There’s a very thin line between crazy and genius. You decide which will be your legacy.