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Stargazing: An Unlikely Yet Effective Therapy

By December 5, 2015 0
Star Gazing

My depression has guided me to peaks of absolute chaos but the one aspect of life that has maintained my inner peace is the night sky. It might sound silly but gazing up at the stars has been somewhat therapeutic for me throughout my life. I can be an emotional wreck but upon glimpsing at the beautiful sparkle of faraway stars, I feel an immediate sense of serenity.

This serenity doesn’t eliminate my depression or even make me happy but it gives me a temporary peace. It’s like a medication; it doesn’t cure me but it treats me. I recall a time I was absolutely devastated over a certain loss and for a time nothing could console me. I tried to heal myself through laughter, friendship and even denial but these choices never really worked. I could laugh and enjoy time with my friends but I was simultaneously miserable.

Then I stargazed. I have always enjoyed the beauty of the night sky but never had I used it as a healing method until I impulsively looked up at the stars one night and found some relief from my abysmal depression. It wasn’t the beauty of the stars that helped me. Instead, I found an impossible empathetic connection to the night sky. In its darkness I saw my own darkness and in the sparkling of the stars I saw my own hope. And because I thought the darkness was beautiful I found the beauty in my depression and in myself.

I also realized that my loss is not much compared to the vastness of the universe and that even if I had absolutely nothing the stars would still be there in my vision. They’re kind of like the only stability I have found in an ever-changing life and world. I realize they are just huge, burning, faraway suns that aren’t aware of me, or anything for that matter, but I choose my own reality. I choose to view my life as if it’s a Shakespearean play. It is dramatic, tragic, romantic, comedic, and nothing but a story.

So next time you feel depressed, hopeless, anxious, or anything at all, look up at the sky. Look up and see how vast it is and know that it is much more vast than can be seen. So is your life. It is much more than you can see now. And look at the stars. Those will always be there if nothing else will. Just look and forget about your worries for a moment.