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Serious Question: Is Donald Trump A Social Experiment?

By December 8, 2015 1

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that if he were elected president, he would ” halt all Muslim immigration into the US.

I’m sorry… what?

This insanity has gone on long enough — when is Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind the podium and say “gotchya!”? Because we must be getting Punk’d, right?

In the last month, in the wake of the Paris attacks, the San Bernardino shooting and all of the other crazy things that have happened in the world that have made a lot of us scared to take the subway on our morning commutes (come on, I can’t be the only one willing to admit that I get more-than-a-little nervous every time the doors don’t open right away or we stop for a minute too long underground) Donald Trump has said some pretty batshit insane stuff.

And by “batshit insane” I mean “racist, bigoted and downright offensive.”

In November, he announced that as President, he would make all Muslims wear badges to identify themselves.

… You guys remember Nazi Germany, right?

Before that, he mocked a disabled journalist, made comments about Megyn Kelly’s period, told John McCain he was actually “not a war hero” (despite spending 5-and-a-half years in a North Vietnamese Internment camp? Riddle me that.) and said he would “bomb the shit” out of ISIS THE DAY BEFORE the Paris attacks.

And somehow, he’s still leading in the Republican polls (But actually — is Olivia Pope handling his PR?).

W. T. F. ???

This can’t be real, right? I’m actually asking, because I can’t come up with any other explanation as to how someone who’s publicly said that he “doesn’t have time for political correctness” (as in: can’t be bothered to mind the racist/sexist/elitist things he says, or how he says him) is a legitimate, let alone LEADING, Presidential candidate.

So here is my theory:

Donald Trump is a social experiment. He, and his entire campaign, have got to be some sort of test to prove a point about the mindset of this country. To prove how stuck in the past we are (you remember the not-so-distant past, when women and people of color had no rights, right?) and how closed minded so many Americans still are in 2015.

There is NO other way he could possibly get away with saying the things he says.

Luckily (and freaking finally) people are catching on. Everyone and their mother (myself included) have an opinion about Trump’s horrific comments yesterday, but none voiced it so poignantly as Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:

“This is not Conservatism.”

Beyond that, this is not American. The freaking PENTAGON came out earlier today and said that “anything that bolsters Isil’s narrative and pits the United States against the Muslim faith is certainly not only contrary to our values but contrary to our national security.”

Spreading hate, ESPECIALLY when it poses a threat to national security (I can’t believe I’m even typing this sentence.) is not what this country stands for, and is NOT what we should be supporting in a presidential candidate.

So seriously, Ashton, you can come out now. This joke has gone on long enough — you’re scaring me, man.