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Do. Not. Complain. About. School.

By December 7, 2015 0

Literature. The scientific world. This country’s past. Math. Art. Music.

These are just a couple of the subjects that are not only free – they’re expected. We live in a country where everyday schooling for both boys and girls is mandatory. We are learning about our world and ourselves for free. Some kids would die for this – Malala Yousafzai almost did. From a very young age, Yousafzai knew that everyone deserved equality and everyone deserved the right to live in a more educated world. This activism and her outspoken nature are what caught the Taliban’s attention. One day Malala was walking with a couple friends from school and the Taliban shot her in the head. Fortunately, she ultimately survived and thrived. Today she continues to change the world for girls and boys alike.

And what do American high schoolers do? Complain.

They don’t like the seven-hours-a-day thing, the kids they go to school with, and the general societal stigma related to American school. And to be honest, it really blows my mind.

Think about it. We go to a free school, learn valuable lessons in subjects we like, and ultimately make money in a job that we find because of this schooling. School gives us a better life, and no one should ever take that for granted.

Neither of my parents grew up with a lot of money – my grandpa worked in a factory and my grandma was a seamstress. My other grandma didn’t have a job and my grandpa worked in a field. I’m assuming that neither of my parents grew up with the idea of going to college. But both worked very hard – studying for hours on end, walking twenty minutes to go to school, and taking countless exams to attend colleges that were above average.

And when I want to complain or stop studying, I think about my parents and the odds they had to face to get an education. Both are a living, breathing examples of why school is so important. Neither grew up with money, but now both have the ability to support a family and live comfortably.

School is a gift. No one should ever complain about making a better life for himself or herself, after all. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t blame you for complaining or crying about grades or essays or tests — because they do suck. But remember what the use of it is. We learn these things to better ourselves and make us a more competitive person for later in life. So be competitive and be a studier and be a good student — it’ll pay off in the end.