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Regarding Life: I Urge You To Go

By December 10, 2015 0

Yesterday was my last day of class at Rice University and that is simply impossible for me to process. Though I’ll have to, because in ten days I’m leaving. I’m going to get in my car and drive 27 hours home with my brother and then I’ll probably never live in Houston, Texas again.

And it’s just so funny because at one point I drove 27 hours in the opposite direction, on my way to Houston. I moved down here from Connecticut as a stubborn and very scared 18-year-old girl and it pretty much knocked me off my feet.

Initially I hated everything. I could legitimately find the bad in anything – like once I was on the phone with my mom and I think I even said that Rice smells bad. I mean wtf that’s not even a thing you can say about a college?? But as all angry freshmen do, I came around.

It’s just that things change quite drastically when you drive across a lot of states with your Connecticut license plate and land in Houston, Texas and it requires you to adjust, which I did. And so now that I’m all old and wise, I’ve reflected and written some of these changes down so that if you’re ever considering making a move from Connecticut to Houston, here’s what you can expect:

  1. It’s so hot
  2. For two weeks out of the year, it’s not hot
  3. Then it’s hot again
  4. There’s so much food
  5. Tex-Mex?
  6. Freshman 15
  8. Chick-fil-a, Whataburger, Cain’s, Smoothie King, Mexican fast food places that aren’t Taco Bell, sandwich places that aren’t Subway
  9. Literally so many
  10. No Dunkin though :(
  11. Though I did find one – worth the commute
  12. Palm trees, what a treat
  14. Trucks
  15. Which evidently refers to pick-up trucks, as opposed to SUVs which I would also call a truck
  16. Cowboy boots
  17. People actually wear them
  18. Not as a joke
  19. People also say “y’all”
  20. Not “you guys”
  21. And especially not “you all”
  22. They have accents
  23. Apparently so do I
  24. Country music…..
  25. People swore I would convert but I remain strong in my opposition
  26. Lots of churches
  27. Big ones too….Joel Osteen
  28. Lots of people that aren’t Catholic
  29. Everyone is Catholic in Connecticut
  30. Lots of Republicans
  31. Lots of bumper stickers proving this demographic
  32. Not so many Democrats
  33. Big highways
  34. Called freeways
  35. Which you can drive on for hours and still be in the same state
  36. Four hours north of here puts you in Dallas
  37. Four hours north of home puts you in Canada


But now I get to form a whole new list of 37 things because I’m going somewhere else: London.

While I’d like to bask in the sentiment of the beautiful, tree-covered campus that hosts this wonderful university and all of my favorite people nestled in its radius for my last semester of college, I can’t do that.

I’ve opted to study abroad for my final (hopefully) four months of being a student because it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was probably 12 and now that my career as an athlete has come to and end, I finally have the opportunity to do it.

So here I am, prying myself away from yet another place I call home so that I can go get used to a new place. And I’d love to say that it’s smooth sailing inside this little mind of mine but I’m more or less freaking out. Which is okay I think.

Maybe I’ll love London right away, maybe I’ll wish I were back in Houston. Maybe I’ll call my mom saying that London smells bad too. But the important part, and perhaps the most useful part of this whole bout of self-reflection, is that I’m going.

And that’s the only thing I can urge anyone else to do: go.

Go somewhere new and different and uncomfortable and gawk at all the things you’re not used to and then get used to them and learn to love the strange place you’ve been transplanted to. You’ll be better for it.