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By December 25, 2015 2

“You are a cunt”

How many of you just cringed? I certainly just cringed when I wrote it.

When people use that term, whether in jest or in serious insult, a little piece of me dies.

And it ain’t got nothin’ to do with no feminism, that’s for sure. The term is thoroughly disgusting, cringeworthy, and immediately reveals to me exactly the sort of person I do not want to have any further communication with.

In other words: It’s low-brow.

I am thankful for the fact that I do not hear this word often. Perhaps, that’s due to my location in New York City; a true melting pot of culture and understanding where ignorance is severely frowned upon.

Cultured people don’t say the “C” word!

Or perhaps (and this is my greater hope) as a society, we are evolving to an understanding that dirty words (“dirty” being the understatement of the century) actually do little more than showcase what breed of individual is behind them.

Call a black person a nigger? – Yeah you’re likely a racist, but you’re also an ignorant fuck, who likely hasn’t stepped outside from around your own outhouse.

Call a woman a cunt? -You have literally crawled out from beneath the bottom-barrel of our society. The sort of vermin I’m scared to come across late night on the subway platform: cockroaches, rats, and you.

Which brings me to the slang term “broad”, and my general distaste regarding the fact that VICE News has decided to name it’s women chapter “broad-ly”.

I’ll preface this with the fact that they may– okay, they most likely were referring to the actual word “broadly”, and it’s not so subtle definition of: in general.

But I don’t care, because the word “broad” is so reprehensible, so inexcusably offensive, that it belongs nowhere near a site that is specifically geared toward women. It was a VICE board meeting that they clearly forgot to include me in, lest they avoid committing this delinquent offense.

For some reason, Americans have zero idea what the slang usage of the word “broad”, means. I’ll step down from my high horse to admit that I too was genuinely shocked at my ignorance when someone decided to clue me in.

The moment transpired upon a rooftop at my apartment in New York City. I was hanging out, enjoying a lazy summer night with my friends from Amsterdam, when mid-conversation, an American described a situation at a bar with a “yeah, some broad I didn’t really know”

I certainly didn’t find reason to pause. On that night, I counted myself among the Americans who think of this word as some 1950 Italian throwback slang. For some reason, it reminds me of the musical “Grease”. I assumed, as I’m sure many of you do as well, that this word meant “girl I don’t care about” or “girl I don’t know” or worst of all, “some chick I’m screwing”.

But no, its way, way worse.

Suddenly the dutchmen intervened looking at each other incredulously. “I cannot understand why you Americans toss that term around. Like it’s so unacceptable to say that in Europe, and I cringe every time I hear it”

His friend jumped in, “Do you even know what that word means?”

AND THEN CAME THE ENLIGHTENMENT, which it is my sincere pleasure to bestow upon all of you now:

The term “broad” originated in the 1930’s, right here in America. It was a term that was used by butchers. <—- that little tidbit should scare you off already.

To describe what, you bravely ask?

To describe the portion of the dead animal that was unusable. It was the portion of the meat that had a hole in it. It was quite literally, “an unusable piece of meat, with a hole in it”.


I have sat back, thoroughly disgusted by the correlation between the c*** word and a women’s genitalia, but in this even more disturbing comparison, the female’s genitalia is being likened to a pig’s unusable meat parts where which,  (as the dutchmen put it), “the hole had stretched too large”. Never one to believe everything I hear, I researched this assertion, and yes, they were 100 percent correct. That is exactly where the term originated from and somehow, with the passage of time, it’s true meaning faded within the American culture.

So, if you made it through this entire article without cringing, I am concerned.

If you cringed often, but still made it through, I am proud.

The fact of the matter is this: we now all have a responsibility to figuratively butcher someone (pun-very much-intended) the next time we are in any situation, where that word is being tossed around lightly.

(Throwing shade your way, VICE News. The unfortunate target of all this article’s fury).

Oh, and Merry Christmas.





  • MovieBuff

    As for the old definitions, well, definitions change. Gay doesn’t mean the same as it did in the 1930s. Have you used the word “scumbag”? That used to mean “used condom”. Have you used the word “hooligan”? That’s a racist term to define the Irish. Words change meaning over time, all the time.

  • MovieBuff

    Hahahaha. I always find it so hilarious when Americans freak out over the word cunt.
    News flash: It’s not actually a bad word. In England and Australia, it’s used as both an insult AND a term of friendship. Yes, even brits that are classier than any American could ever dream of being.