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Paying For The FBI to Invade Our Privacy? Sounds Like A Scam.

By February 23, 2016 0

Imagine you’re watching an episode of Criminal Minds –

The suspect is a terrorist who set off a bomb, killing 35+ people, including children. It’s an intense episode, one that was separated into two part episodes, and you’re finally getting some closure. You’re pissed that this animal killed people, especially innocent children. You’re watching Garcia as she works her magic and finds information that identifies the terrorist at hand. And you silently, or loudly, cheer as you happily watch Derek Morgan take down the suspect at hand.

Now, imagine it’s happening in real life. Minus the Derek Morgan part.

As a lover of crime shows, I’ve learned how important technology is to proving innocence and guilt. I’ve watched how technology can reveal a suspect and his/her whereabouts.

But does that mean it’s okay to want to violate the rights and privacy of every person who owns an Apple product?

Apple’s Steve Wozniak spoke about the FBI requesting that Apple provide the technology to allow people’s privacy to be violated. The FBI have requested that Apple build a new system that will give them access to stored data on a device, including data that’s been deleted.

The problem is, not every person in the world is a criminal. Sure I jay walk, and my favorite illegal thing to do is drive across parking lots to find a spot. But does that make me a criminal? No. 

My question is, if Apple does build this new operating system, would people actually willingly spend hundreds of dollars for technology that will invade their rights and privacy?

Hell no I wouldn’t.

Apple’s products are expensive as is, and I’m not going to spend $700+ for a phone that evokes my rights.

Thankfully Apple agrees. Wozniak says he was raised believing in a person’s rights, and therefore completely disagrees with this line of action.

Let’s hope this new operating system isn’t created, and that you can keep taking selfies that won’t incriminate you.