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What Your Obsession With Steven Avery Says About You

By January 24, 2016 1

It sincerely frightens me that people are genuinely shocked after watching Netflix’s “Making a Murderer”. I cannot believe people are truly still this ignorant to the problems within the American justice system. As you binge watch, tweet, share, and keep up with the numerous news updates on this matter, have you ever for a second, questioned why you care so much?

Let me guess for you…

Does it feel a bit like that moment when a murder happens a block over from where you live?  You know that uneasy, selfish “it could’ve been me” feeling? You know this stuff happens around the world, but having it happen to someone like you just makes it so real?

The people that are shocked about this matter, are the same ones who don’t understand why Sandra Bland “just didn’t follow the officer’s directions”. The same people who bring up a person’s criminal past after they are murdered by a cop. The same people that don’t understand why Blacks, have such a mistrust of police and the legal system.

Coerced confessions? Misuse of evidence? Unfair trials? Inadequate lawyers?

Life Spoiler alert: This shit has been happening since America’s founding. Scottsboro Boys? Central Park Five?

Double Fucking Life Spoiler Alert: This shit happens even when we are the victims.

I don’t have the patience. At all. I don’t know, maybe this is a teaching moment. I should share my 15 page thesis I wrote in College about Blacks and the justice System. Perhaps I should share my detailed, primary sourced, research report on the Scottsboro Boys and their several trials. Perhaps I should spit out a couple of prison statistics. Or even my own personal experience dealing with an absurd criminal court case.

But what would be the point? Why should I have to spell it out? Do people even care? Can you even empathize? Do you really want change, or is this another hashtag like #stopkony? Please just realize, this documentary has not even scraped the surface of how corrupt our criminal justice system is.

Thank you for trying to care, but don’t you dare try to bring something to the front pages, that has been the spine of my history book.

Do me a favor. Next time you’re on a Netflix binge, be sure to at least watch Ken Burns’ documentary “The Central Park Five.” Or better yet, pull your head out of your own ass and educate yourself on something that isn’t trending on your timeline.