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Hey, Mainstream Media: Let’s Not Talk About The Cowards

By October 5, 2015 0

Learning of a mass shooting is already unbearable. Learning of the shooter is inexcusable. I can’t stand to hear of innocent lives lost followed by a twenty-minute news segment on the coward that committed the act.

How are news stations still affording any amount of attention to people that senselessly end lives, perhaps due to the expectation that their name will be remembered afterwards? I’ll never know why anyone commits these acts– no one will. But there’s much more I shouldn’t know about these people– their names being the first thing.

If there’s anything we can do to stop these shootings from happening in the future, any adjustment in our handling of these tragedies that might discourage the next person from following through with the decision to end lives, why wouldn’t we do it? Politics aside, we can’t expect things to change unless we change our approach to what has so sadly become a routine for this nation. The identity and back-story of a shooter is not necessary or important information; it’s not news. It’s contribution.

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