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I’m Seventeen Years Old And I Know Everything

By December 18, 2015 0

Obviously I am no longer seventeen, but today I found something I scribbled in a notebook from my senior year of high school. Reading over it, I realized that although I certainly did not know everything, I did have a lot to be proud of.

So I decided to share it with the world, in hopes that someone out there can relate to, and maybe even be comforted by seventeen year-old me.


“I’m seventeen years old and I know everything:

I know that the prom dress I received in the mail was not the prom dress I wanted,

and I know that there are currently over a billion people in the world who cannot afford the food that they need to survive (which puts things in perspective and makes me feel a bit silly for crying over plastic jewels).

I know that I should always give as much as I can, and never ask for less than I need.

I know that who I am is not defined by what I have done leading up to this moment but by what I do between these words and my next breath.

I know that my relationship with myself is the most important relationship I will ever have, and I know i must have a healthy relationship with myself before I can have a healthy relationship with anyone else.

I know to hold in higher esteem those who think differently rather than those who think alike.

I know the importance of pondering the questions that are most worth asking; I know that those questions have no definite answers; and I know that definitive answers to such questions would rob me of my freedom to think.

I know that just because i am alone, does not mean I have to be lonely (if I can’t enjoy the time I spend with myself, how can I expect anyone else to).

I know that it is so much more important to leave my fingerprints on people’s minds than on their bodies.

I know that silence can be a gift.

I know to never just run away from the bad, but to gracefully let go of it and run towards the good.

I know I’d rather be dorky and happy than cool and miserable.

I know that no matter how good of an actress I may be, pretending to be perfect will never make me perfect.

I know that we are all still learning.

I know that sometimes the pieces of myself that I struggle to overcome hurt the people who love me.

and I know that I’m sorry.

I could go on forever about all the things that I know, but most importantly, I know that there is a beautiful road ahead of me full of things I do not know.

A life full of possibilities.

Infinite opportunities to do the next right thing, to take chances, to make mistakes, to win first place, to take deep breaths, to struggle, to overcome, to learn, and to grow.

I know I’m right about that.

Trust me.

I’m seventeen.

I know everything.”