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Are Color Blind People Insane?

By October 12, 2015 0
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So yesterday I was on the phone with my little sister, ignoring every other sentence, as is mandatory in all conversations with family, (blah-blah-blah they’re so annoying), but THEN, I had this earth-shattering EPIPHANY and like, basically we should be strapping down color-blind people and shipping them all off to institutions where they can be properly treated.

Okay, let me back it up a bit…

So I’m walking and talking to my annoying little sister, right? We are talking about (okay, SHE is talking about) spirits, and ghosts, and how our late grandmother used to swear that she saw them (as well as aliens) throughout her entire life. We started arriving at the idea of perception and how pretty much, when it comes to sanity, the majority rules.

That is to say that if 12 people are sitting in a room and 11 of them purport to see something one way, the odd man out is bat-shit-crazy. That 12th person, let’s say he sees a ghost in the room and she’s wearing a dress and sewing a pretty sweater.  Well OBVIOUSLY this cannot be because the other 11 people in the room, (the MAJORITY for god-freakin-sakes) says it ain’t so, so case closed.

But then what if that 12th person begins to insist that the ghost is actually there? What if in his insistence is so unrelenting that he even begins to strike up a conversation with this pretty-sweater-knitting poltergeist?


Obviously the perfectly natural, (and quite frankly, loving) thing for us to do as a society would be to get this 12th person some much-needed help, and by help, I of course am referring to medicine. I’m no doctor but it would safe to assume he’d he having either a psychotic break, suffering from an illness in the realm of bi-polar/schizophrenia, (perhaps suffering interminably, even) –and he clearly needs to seek medical attention immediately, because the majority, (we’re talking 51percent and up, god dammit) see it another way.

INDISPUTABLE SOCIETAL FACT: Anything or anyone that goes against the majority is insane. Strap-em-down, lock-em-up. IN-SANE. 

AND THEN I REMEMBERED! I used to know this guy Darren. Literally where I saw green, he saw purple. His doctor did the good service of diagnosing him as being color-blind when he was a child, but like, is that really enough? Are we safe from his illusions? I mean, here we have these colorblind folk that are walking around freely, seeing purple where it don’t belong, where we, the almighty majority, see green. How have we allowed this to go on? They are suffering, and I just know that if we can unite to make this a public spectacle, you know. a real THING, then we can get them the help that they need. With daily medication and psychotherapy, there’s absolutely no reason that they can’t eventually live a full, full life, and even aspire to have normal things, like a career (shucks, maybe even a family!)

Wait a sec, I’m having another intrusive thought..

What if there’s nothing wrong with them? Maybe everything is just perception. Maybe it’s insane for us to classify what other people perceive, to be insane just because it doesn’t align with the numbers.

Bu no, no–I’ll just stop right there; it’s best we don’t begin down that dark path of thinking. I mean that would imply that a large portion of the people that we’ve medicated and locked up over the years didn’t deserve it. That would mean that we potentially ruined their lives for no reason other than a difference in perspective. That would mean that we’ve been chemically dosing people against their wills (psych5150 hold) terrifying them against ever uttering a word in acknowledgment of what may truly exist before their very eyes.

Yes, it’s best we stop right here.

Because that of course, would be too tough of a pill for us to swallow.