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I Think Affairs Are Romantic.

By January 6, 2016 1

And I know this is going to piss a lot of people off.

Because cheating is awful.  Because millions of families are torn a part, year after year. Because therapy. Because counseling. That’s why.

I mean, even without the promise of marriage, the devastation it causes on even the most basic levels of dating is unthinkable. Horrible.

But I think affairs are romantic.

I’ve an admittedly twisted mind; it’s never swam along with the masses. Where the world sees black lines, I am blinded by colors and shapes.

Wonderful Patterns. Daring Zigzags. Lyrical Neons.

We hear that someone has had an affair, and the world cries out “Tragedy”, but I?  

Sweet Comedy.

Humor found not in the collateral damage or tears. But in our inescapable humanity.

I laugh with the universe as it silently mocks our institutions: marriage, dating, and their associated obligations.

Structured lines– make-believe lines, rendered powerless by our inevitable chaos.

By the one look, and then — lust. The one sentence, and then the fall.

And falling is falling after all; it’s a descent and then a crash,

Without intent, purpose, or control.

Nobody falls on purpose. 

It’s fatal misstep, and then…


At risk to both yourself and others.


Institution. Broken Rules.

Subsequent anger, hurt.

A fall, nonetheless.


Because it’s the soul that’s got the mind on the leash after all.

Nature, nuture’s master.


And I think those kinds of affairs are romantic.

The kind that knock two people out of their minds.


Head in the ground, feet in the clouds,

And nothing was ever the same.



  • Ross

    I don’t think affairs are romantic BUT I absolutely support the idea of not choosing who you love or lust for (“fall for”). Connections are random and there is no accounting for where or when it could happen.