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Degree180 Stands With J. Law

By January 11, 2016 0

Disclaimer: I did not watch the Golden Globes.

But I did find a pleasant collection of articles portraying bitter tweets about Jennifer Lawrence’s calling-out of a reporter awaiting me when I scanned my Newsfeed this evening.

First off, Social Media Socialites, you’re doing it again: offering your opinion where no one wants it. Once again, this is only even a “thing” because you’re talking about it, and doing the media’s job for them; all they need to do is quote your online words and fill in the blanks with slander as they please, and they get paid for it.

Second, let’s take a moment and applaud every celebrity in the world in the first place for not chastising – verbally or, heck, physically – a new reporter each and every day. I cannot even fathom the frustration that comes from being followed around by people who are literally paid to annoy you. Jennifer is standing there on stage, not because she’s really excited about sharing this moment with a room full of people who would just as soon shatter her reputation as they would make it golden and brilliant, but because she has no choice but to talk to them.

Third, J. Law is a child of the 90’s. We didn’t grow up with gadgets and tech at our hands 24/7. This cell phone world is still “new,” and so she’s right, “You can’t live your life behind a phone, bro.” Wake up and realize where you are, whom you’re in the presence of, and what your job is.

So I’m Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m thinking, “Alright, let’s get my job done, get through these questions, so I can celebrate with my family and close friends later the way I’d actually like to.”

Okay, maybe the guy wrote some questions on his phone, fine. A good reporter has them in his head in some way, shape, or form, and is ready to ask them – language barrier or not. People get put in their place, or worse, every day at work. This reporter simply had it happen to him in the public eye.

And by a woman, so, you know, now she’s a bitch.

All in all, if the most valuable use of your time over the last 24 hours was to tweet about Jennifer Lawrence’s outburst, then more power to you; you must be immensely carefree and untroubled to have the time, energy, and brainpower to do so. Imagine the scrutiny celebrities of such stature are under every day, regardless of their money or their lifestyle. Think of you, a fellow human to Jennifer Lawrence, on your best day and on your worst day… can you really not allow her a “slip-up,” just once?

And I don’t mean to make a habit of this, but let’s imagine for a moment that Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds was in Jennifer’s place… would there even be a story here?