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I Don’t Shave My Legs No Mo’.

By December 25, 2015 0

I’m not trying to make a statement, really, I just got fucking tired of shaving them.

I hated the razor bumps and burns.

I hated having to buy new razors all the time.

I hated shaving.

So I stopped.

I’m not the first person to do this, or the only. I don’t have the most righteous cause. I’m not martyring myself for feminism.

I just don’t shave my legs anymore.

My boyfriend doesn’t mind, he says my legs are beautiful, shaved or not.

Some boys give me disgusted looks, some boys pretend they don’t notice at all.

But I know they do.

So I point it out.


I don’t care, they’re just legs with hair on them.

Hairy, hairy legs.

I’ll probably shave a couple times a year for big events and stuff.

Maybe in the summer?

But probably not.

Because I really hate shaving my legs.