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I Agree: Facebook Ain’t the Place.

By April 5, 2016 2

My colleague Sophia recently penned a piece lamenting the copiousness of political opinions being espoused on social media, specifically Facebook.

I am not proud to admit: I used to be that guy.

In my mind, the logic behind posting the most interesting or biting political articles or videos was clear and strong: If I expose the politically asinine to these sources which have so persuaded me, they will have to see it my way, right?


Not only is Facebook politicking a futile task that is guaranteed to dissuade exactly nobody from believing their long held political views, it really is annoying.

Even so, how in the hell could they possibly believe what they believe?!

Maybe if I just post one more video……

Stop, Sam! Get a grip. Control yourself. Stop. Posting. Politics. On. Facebook!

From time to time I need reminding, whether from myself or somebody like Sophia: politics has become a team sport, and the rivalry has reached Red Sox/Yankees, Michigan/Ohio State levels of vitriol.

Would a Michigan fan post a “why you should learn to love the Wolverines” article, completely without irony, on the wall of a Buckeye fan and actually expect them to respond by embracing the Maize and Blue?

Of course not. A leopard does not read an article about zebras’ fancy stripes and decide to change its spots. And a Bernie supporter is not going to read an article about how he is basically a failed businessman taking his futility out on the capitalist system and decide they are a John Kasich supporter.

They should, but they won’t.

Acknowledging and accepting the existence-both in real life and social media- of those who hold opinions adverse to yours is the key to letting go. You can’t control them or their opinions. Stupid gonna stupid.

Social media is for looking at pictures of hot college chicks and razzing your friends about March Madness in a group message.

It’s not a forum for political discussion or “debate”.

When did we forget this self-evident truth?

Go on your Facebook account and scroll. Scroll until you find something genuinely uplifting or informative. Perhaps even something that makes you smile or laugh.

I’ll wait….

What you are likely to find?

Millennials posting un-scholarly articles comparing Trump to Hitler.

Young conservatives pining for a Ted Cruz presidency.

Middle-aged men posting their opinions on the Syrian refugee crisis.

If you didn’t know any better, I would not blame you for thinking Facebook had become Breitbart.

But it hasn’t, people have just confused Facebook’s purpose.

If you want to write about politics, get a job writing about politics. You don’t even have to get a job. WordPress is free and reasonably easy to use. Start a blog, but make it clear to those who stumble upon it that politics is the reason for your blog’s existence.

Not sharing photos. Not connecting with friends and family. Not documenting your night on the town.

A blog for politics.

In other words, not Facebook.



  • i.have.rewt

    Another angle, if we continue this anti-social movement toward “I don’t want to see your political crap posted” etc etc then how will you learn to interact with people that have differing opnions? How will you succeed in life? This is the BS America is spreading: intolerance for other people’s views and shutting off to them, shunning them, publicly shaming them instead of engaging in meaningful debate and learning more about the person who is your friend of family member.

  • i.have.rewt

    So you’re into shaming people for expressing their opinion, especially if it doesn’t jive with your views? First amendment rights only apply to those you see fit? Get a life. Be happy people are passionate about something instead of living like zombies, going along with the status quo.