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How Is Hurling A Tampon On Stage At A Male Performer OK?

By December 29, 2015 0

As a total pop culture junkie, I began my Apple music three-month free trial yesterday all for the purpose of watching the new Taylor Swift concert movie.

And it was fantastic. I’m not even a big Taylor Swift fan, but there was something so entertaining about seeing a strong woman exuding the energy of the baddest bitch around.

Honestly, I think Taylor Swift is fucking awesome. After realizing that her old country vibe wasn’t for her, she made a total image 180 (pun intended) and got an awesome group of women around her to become the mega popstar that she is today.

But as I was watching the concert movie, I couldn’t help but think that nothing went wrong during her show.

She performed her songs, put on a great show and left the stage completely intact.

Now watch a One Direction show (or any other male performer, for that matter).

They perform their songs and put on a great show as well, but they leave their respective venues totally objectified and bruised. Girls have not only thrown themselves on stage, they have also launched several items likes bras and tampons with the intention of hitting one of the singers.

This past August I went to a One Direction show and watched lead singer Harry Styles throw his water bottles into the crowd as a sort of tactic to get the audience involved. And I shit you not, one girl caught that water bottle and literally licked the entire thing as if her entire life depended on it’s immediate lubrication.

This got me thinking: why is this sexist behavior toward male performers so allowed and so not talked about?

Now, I’m not a famous man, but I can only assume that they don’t entirely mind getting attention from women. However once it evolves to the level of physically assaulting them for attention, it may be time to take a step back and realize that THIS is sexism: sexism against men.

Behavior like this is not only disturbing and completely reprehensible, but it is also counteractive to the equality movement.

Today’s culture is determined to make sure women are equal to men, right? I applaud and support that, but am also realizing that some people become so caught up in this unnatural, power-seeking behavior—that they abandon the mission of feminism altogether: the mission to show that women=men.

We, as women then, should not be allowed to literally throw ourselves at them and treat them like animals for our entertainment. If we desire to be treated with the respect we rightfully deserve, then we owe the same consistent respect to our male counterparts.

Yes, these male performers are hot AF, but they are ordinary people too. I mean, would you throw a bra at a random person on the street?

And just what would the common consensus be if a male concertgoer threw his jock strap and condom wrappers at Taylor Swift?

My point exactly.