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Hey Your Opinion On Facebook Is Great But This Isn’t The Place.

By November 27, 2015 0

Hey you! Yeah, you! Guess what? That post you just shared saying that we shouldn’t let refugees in until we give all veterans a home is wrong. Both are meaningful causes, and you ought to learn your facts before you share.

Yes, it’s a public forum for views to be shared. Yes, freedom of speech is a thing. Yes, if I don’t like it, I can just unfriend you, but why do that when we can all just agree to stop sharing our political views if they are offensive, obnoxious, or just plain annoying?

With all of today’s refugee crises, terrorist attacks and shootings, every opinion from both sides of the political spectrum have been shared in the thousands on my timeline. Arguments regarding gun control, whether or not to let refugees in, and the best way to handle our troops have basically been convoluting my timeline for the past couple months.

And what I’ve noticed is that there only seems to be two options: stricter gun control/looser gun control,  let’s help refugees!/no, they’re dangerous, send troops/don’t send troops. Why are the opinions being expressed virtually black and white? Do they get more attention that way? I’m a little confused as to why we have to be either completely conservative, or completely liberal when expressing our views. In my opinion, it only hurts the argument because it completely disregards a huge chunk of the opposing viewpoints. It also does little more than essentially piss off the opposition – which only further diminishes the chance that they will ever see your side.

The run-around of it all is exhausting.

The most exhausting elements of course, are the people that are just straight-up wrong . Not just wrong in wording, but wrong in the facts – as if they just wanted to jump on the Facebook-status political train, without having even researched the preliminary facts regarding the arguments.

It’s ignorant.

It’s frustrating.


Facebook is a public medium, not a personal one. I feel like that just needed to be said because that concept seems to be evading the masses. Why are these opinions being shared on such a public forum? Having an opinion does not precipitate change. Sharing that opinion on Facebook does not precipitate change.

Making a change makes a change (shocker!).

Opinions are necessary for the progression of society, but when they are shared for attention and “likes,” their purpose lags.

My suggestion for all the people who choose to share their opinions publicly is simple: START A BLOG. That way, the people who want to read your opinion daily can, while the remainder of us (the ones who just want to go back to a time when scrolling through their mini-feeds meant seeing pictures of family and friends, with updates about their personal lives) can go back to enjoying Facebook.