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5 Simple Tricks For Clear Skin, From A Girl With Less-Than-Perfect Skin

By December 7, 2015 0

If you read my “10 Things I Learned From Ditching Make-Up,” you would know I’ve recently been struggling with acne. When these pimples first erupted on my face, I panicked. I didn’t recognize the person I saw in the mirror and that was beyond scary to me. I felt insecure and began to seclude myself from my friends. I spent so much time in my dorm room I started to feel extremely irritable and restless. I called my parents crying multiple times and even considered leaving school.

Yes, I understand I’m being dramatic, but as a person who’s always been slightly insecure, a sudden outburst of acne was far from helpful for my self-esteem.

I recently started frequenting a holistic dermatologist located just a block away from my school. And God bless this woman because she actually changed my life…well, at least my skin. Interestingly enough, the few medications she prescribed me aren’t what completely turned my skin around. It was the few little tips and tricks she gave me to add to my everyday skin routine that totally made a difference in my skin. She has become my skin guru and now I’m here to pass her message on to you.

So without further ado, five ridiculously simple, cheap ways to keep your skin clear:

  1. Use Anti-Bacterial Soap To Wash Your Make-Up Brushes. Don’t waste your money on branded brush cleaner. Most of cleaners created specifically for make-up brushes contain alcohol, which is no good for your skin. Instead, buy an anti-bacterial soap to clean your brushes. My derm recommends Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap, but any soap that is specifically labeled “anti-bacterial” will do just fine.
  2. Use Witch Hazel As A Toner. If you look at the ingredients of almost every toner sold in stores, the first ingredient listed is witch hazel. So, why spend extra money on a brand-name toner when you can buy the key ingredient for way less? Just make sure the bottle you buy is 100% witch hazel!
  3. Separate Your Moisturizer And Sunscreen. My derm emphasized the importance of both moisturizing and applying SPF everyday, but she doesn’t believe they should be one step. A lot of brands designed moisturizers specifically designed for day time with SPF in them, however, the sunscreen they’re putting in their products might be what’s causing you to break out. She recommends you use an SPF-free moisturizer, then apply a facial sunblock on top of that. Her personal favorite (and now mine too) is Elta MD for Acne Prone Skin SPF 46. It’s the only sunblock out there designed specifically for acne-prone skin.
  4. Use Distilled Water To Wash Your Face. Go to your local convenience store, buy a gallon of distilled water and tonight when you wash your face, fill up your sink or a bowl with the water. Proceed to wash your face as usual. I know this sounds a little extra, but sometimes the PH level of your tap water might be the reason for your breakouts. Distilled water is the closest thing to pure water out there. So yeah, it’s an extra step, but definitely worth it.
  5. Switch To Mineral Make-Up. Unlike conventional make-up, mineral make-up doesn’t contain a bunch of extra ingredients that clog your pores, which can lead to fewer breakouts. However, keep in mind that mineral make-up is still make-up and you should always remove it properly at the end of the day. Also, I do understand that some mineral make-up brands are expensive, but a lot of drugstore brands have created their own mineral foundations. Just do research and read reviews before you buy a new product.