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Dear Fat People? Really?

By September 15, 2015 0

Early this September, “comedian”/video  blogger Nicole Arbour made a controversial video encouraging (read:mocking) overweight people to lose weight, arguing they deserve the shame they receive. Here is some of the direct quotes she says.

“They forgot to tell you that plus-size stands for plus heart disease, plus knee problems, plus diabetes, plus your family and friends crying that they lost you too soon because you needed to have a Coke plus fries.”

“Obesity is a disease? Yeah, so is being a shopaholic – but I don’t get a f***king parking pass.It would make a lot of sense if I did. I am the one with all of the bags.”

“Fat shaming is not a thing. Fat people made that up. That’s the race card with no race. Yeah, but I couldn’t fit into a store. That’s discrimination. Uh no. That means you are too fat, and you should stop eating.”

Now because I’m practically a martyr/saint, I’ve burden myself with wasting 6 minutes and 10 seconds of my life so you don’t have to (you’re welcome). We need to not give this young lady anymore attention. Shaming anyone whether for their health, beauty, or race should never be acceptable. Let’s always focus our energy on positive change and encouragement.

P.S. We all sometimes could really use a coke plus fries. Just saying.