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Cheating: Is It Ever Acceptable?

By November 2, 2015 0

Recently, a good friend of mine was cheated on by her boyfriend.

I watched her cry and did my best to comfort her, but how do you properly console someone who was betrayed by the person they cared about the most in the world? Days before I watched her face light up as she talked about him and now I sat helplessly as she sobbed into her phone, mascara running down her face.

Isn’t it terrifying how the people who are capable of making us the happiest can just as easily break our hearts into a million pieces?

This situation got me thinking: why do people cheat? What is so alluring about infidelity? I took to Google for answers. Not surprisingly, there were pages upon pages of articles on cheating. Some articles claimed that cheating in a relationship was natural and shouldn’t be taboo, others took the opposite approach and listed the numerous reasons why cheating is a horrible idea. After skimming through all types of articles, I came to my own conclusion. Cheating in a relationship is taking the easy way out; it’s selfish, thoughtless and doesn’t deserve justification. Cheating is a “quick fix” to solving problems in a relationship. Regardless of the reason why a person might cheat in their relationship, the reality of the act is that there’s clearly an  underlying problem in that person’s life and/or relationship. So yeah, cheating on your significant other might seem like the easiest way to fix your problem, but you’ll soon find that it’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

Cheating is complicated. Even if it is a purely physical affair with zero emotional attachment involved, keeping all your lies straight and avoiding uncomfortable questions gets messier than a bathroom shared by three sisters. Think about this: most people who cheat get caught. Why? Because it’s too hard to keep a secret.

A little more food for thought – if cheating was acceptable, there’d be no need for all the lies and secrecy. The surreptitiousness of cheating is a part of what makes it so alluring for some, but it doesn’t belong in a healthy, long-term relationship. A lot of the “pro-cheating” articles I came across during my Google search claimed that cheating was a sign of a healthy relationship, however I personally fail to identify the said-“healthy” factors of lying and betraying someone you care about. It is ultimately symbolic of throwing the towel in on your relationship and a loss of respect for your significant other. 

Dishonesty in any relationship should bed the following questions:

  • Are you in a relationship for the right reasons?
  • Do you really want to be stuck in one big continuous lie?
  • Is a temporary solution to a long-term problem really worth losing your integrity?

If the answer is NO to even one of these questions, you may find yourself contemplating the crazy idea of cheating, and for that, I have got an even crazier idea for you to try on:

If you’re unhappy in your relationship,  JUST END IT.