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Can A Prayer Help Paris Or San Bernardino? Can A Prayer Help Anything At All?

By December 5, 2015 0

Church was never for me.

I would absolutely DREAD getting up on Sundays. I hated dressing up for an occasion that would last just two hours, only to find myself sitting in an uncomfortable chair listening to someone speak in ancient Hebrew.

Oh it’s Greek?

Yup. This 10-year-old Greek Orthodox girl, sitting in a Greek Orthodox Church, was certain I was listening to Hebrew spoken by a Greek Orthodox priest. I guess I was what you would call a young prodigy.

Clearly prayer wasn’t for me. I would try (believe me I would), every night, staring at my Jesus icon to feel something, and…


I would sometimes pray for better grades, happier family members, a happier me. There were certainly a few dozen – okay THOUSANDS of prayers devoted to material things; hell, I once even prayed for concert tickets that I thought would sell out too quickly. Sure, it might have been selfish, but to be honest I didn’t actually believe that praying would really produce these things. It was more properly categorized as wishful thinking, never a full-fledged and honest belief in the practice of prayer itself.

I can’t pinpoint when the disconnect occurred. I was definitely told what to believe, I definitely tried to force myself to believe it and I even executed it, in the manner I was told to execute, but still, NOTHING. I felt nothing. I couldn’t trick my brain into believing what I was told.

As time went on, I stopped going to church and praying regularly, but if I ever really thought I wanted something (like really, really) I would sit down on my bed, look up at my Jesus icon, and ask him for those things. Okay, it was completely selfish, and I knew it: a 16-year-old girl praying for something menial.

All of this brings me to today, and to the tragedy in San Bernardino. The 14 lives lost and the 17 whose lives will never be the same. This brings me to the families who will never see their loved ones again. It brings me to the millions waking up to news that yet ANOTHER shooting has occurred. Another unnecessary attack.

This brings me, full circle, back to prayer.

I don’t believe in prayer. I don’t even know if I believe in God. But I DO believe in people. I believe in life. I believe in happiness. I believe everyone should have a fulfilling life, lived without FEAR.

Fear. We are a country that lives in fear. We have become a WORLD that lives in fear.

I live in a somewhat sheltered world. I’m enclosed in a college campus concerned primarily with homework, class, sleeping and going out.  I had never considered, not even for one second that my life could so easily become one of these tragedies.

In fact, I don’t’ think any of us stop to consider that our lives could so drastically change — that one day we could wake up, get dressed, go out like any other day and by night, nothing would ever again be the same.

That has been the outcome for so many people – especially in these past 11 months. Just this year, there have been 355 shootings and there have been only 336 days in 2015. Excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK?!!

Why is this becoming an epidemic? What is so wrong with some people that they choose to do this? But most importantly, what can we do to make a change?

I’m talking outside of the legal (although stricter gun control would be a nice place to start).

We are dealing with people, families, emotions, love and loss, and so the only remedy to that is prayer. And this isn’t just a prayer to a God. This isn’t a prayer to the Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/Hindu/ or any other religion’s God(s).

This is a prayer to one another

Let’s pray and hope for one another.

Let’s be there for each other.

Let’s be better for each other.

Let’s hope that one day these shootings will dissipate, and that families will never have to hear about their loved ones being taken away so heartlessly.

Let’s pray that one day the families that have already experienced such unspeakable tragedies, may one day feel whole again.