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BREAKING NEWS! Degree180’s Exclusive Interview With GOD

By November 15, 2015 0
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On Sunday November 15th, I was given the extraordinary, unprecedented opportunity to conduct the first ever interview with GOD. In this historical sit-down, he and I discuss a range of topics including politics, social media, and the state of our world. Here is the first portion of our exclusive interview with him, where we discuss the recent ISIS terrorist attacks in France, and their implications: 

C: Foremost we cannot thank you enough for granting us this interview during a time when we are sure every media outlet in the world is looking to hear from you.

G: I am glad to be here.

C: Let’s just jump right into it, shall we? Obviously–Paris. What is your take on this and more specifically, when you hear that the terrorists ran in screaming “Allah, Akbar”, which is arabic for “God Is The Greatest”.

G: I’ll start with the latter. My name has been used since the beginning of humanity to justify heinous acts. Enslaving African Americans, dropping bombs on countries, shunning homosexuals. Obviously the events in Paris are no exception.

C: Why do you think– or should I say “know?”—Why do you know that is?

G: It is what happens when fear meets an overdeveloped human ego. Let’s face it, none of you know what’s going on. You have no idea why you are here, or what’s going to happen to you when you die. That’s the fear. To combat this you’ve created orders and systems, tangible items that you can understand. Schools, religions, businesses, governments– THESE are your ecosystems, or your “GODS”, so to speak. You’ve drawn lines where there are none. “This is France. This is Spain. This is Syria”, all of this is completely made up. There is one earth, one human species, and yet based on your imaginations you create conflict. Now we’ve arrived at the ego part; You pretend it’s all real, that the differences and systems you’ve fictionalized are in fact real, and you must fight to protect and establish your interpretation as the “right” one.  So you embark on corroded searches for power and omniscience, asserting power over one another with your illusory concepts. You are all flawed in this way. You are flawed in your delusions.

C: So what happened in Paris then?

G: At the base of any act of act of hate, no matter how big or small it is, is hurt. People do not feel loved, people do not feel that they belong, people do not feel understood. This causes some people to turn to drugs, others to turn to suicide, some to turn to homicide, while setting others on a distorted quest for power, as they believe they can force others to accept them.

C: Are you saying that ISIS just wants to be accepted? You’ll have to forgive me, but that will be an extremely controversial take for my readers.

G: Isn’t that something? Understanding where hate comes from has become an obscure consideration. Let me put it to you this way: every single person on this planet is born pure. They are born as love. What do you suppose happens then?

C: (pauses) That’s a big question, but I suppose the world happens. People tell us who we have to be. People tell us how we have to be that. We are told our cores are wrong. There are hierarchies rooted by socioeconomics, race, religion–I’m arriving at your point, I’m just having trouble relating it to the events in Paris. 

G: It’s an elementary concept you see. Hate and love are parallel emotions. ISIS hates France in the same way that a lonely high school student hates the captain of the football team. They are entangled in a way that one seeks validation from the other, because the other has shunned them in some regard.

C:  Wow. That’s an interesting way of putting it. 

G: The most powerful word in the human language is “Sorry”. The most powerful concept is forgiveness. There are many religions that teach of a paradise after life. I will tell you now that earth is a paradise. What you’ve done with it I cannot speak for.

C: Let’s stay on the subject of religion for a second—which one has it right?

G: Religion is food-coloring. They are all fundamentally saying the same thing: Love. The issue is that historically, not one of them has practiced this fluidly. You do not have to be a part of a religion to love. I am not a religion.

C: Many people believe that we are at the beginning of World War 3. Will ISIS spark World War 3?

G: I will tell you this, exclusively. Aside from ISIS, there is another group that is gaining power in the world. They are a much larger group, unbelievably so, and they are currently at an arms race with ISIS.

C: Who is that?

G: It is you. The youth. Your entire generation and the ones beneath it. This website and many others like it that are popping up with a message of love and understanding. As we’ve touched upon already– hate is a distortion of love. You hold the power to reconfigure it.

C: But we aren’t in any arms race with ISIS.

G: Arms are for embracing. That is the race. Get the message out. Don’t give up. There are young children now who will one day have to make a decision: they will decide upon their consciousness. They will either feel shunned because of their Islamic roots, and may grow up to join and/or form terrorist groups, or they will know that somewhere on the opposite side of the world, they are loved. Give them the other option: Love.

We will print more from this this interview in the days to come but first, to our Muslim brothers and sisters both in America and abroad, I want to say this:

Here at Degree180 and all around the world, there are so many people who love you. We know how hard it has been for you. We know that you belong to a beautiful religion and one whose core is being perverted by the ISIS initiative. You always have a home with us. 

We love you.