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Let’s Think Some Dirty Thoughts Together, Shall We?

By October 9, 2015 0
toxic skincare and makeup products

Just about everyone already knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (this isn’t the big #knowit news). October, also most widely synonymous with Halloween (also not the #knowit news), always seemed to me the most appropriate of the months to lend itself to breast cancer awareness. Maybe because both Halloween and breast cancer have one very common thread – they both are fucking terrifying!

So, let me get straight to the teet of it, as I’m sure you’re wondering where I’m going with this…and yes this affects YOU so don’t dismiss it.

This month alone I sadly learned, through the grape vine of social media, that three women I know have battled or are still battling breast cancer.  An old childhood friend, a high school classmate, and an acquaintance from my Hamptons partying days.  All healthy, active, preventative types.  Two of the three with zero known family history of any cancers whatsoever.  Scary!  So what gives!?

Although I’ve been fortunate enough not to have known or lost anyone close to a cancer diagnosis, it’s also what I think always kind of pushed the very thought of it to the dusty back corners of my mind.  I couldn’t directly relate; it seemed like a distant disease.  I was one of those “it could never happen to me”s.  After learning the news about these women from my past, it seemed like the accounts of breast cancer just came flooding in from all angles.  I began really talking about it with friends, coworkers, even strangers!

Then it hit me- it wasn’t just enough to merely talk about it; I needed to act upon it in a way where I could recruit others (that’s you) to, as well.  I started to reevaluate my daily habits, retrace my steps. What was within my power to better my odds against breast cancer?  What do I know best?  Beauty, duh! So I started there…

I learned about sites and apps like Think Dirty (my current obsession), EWG’s Skin Deep, and Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which provide a wealth of info and ratings on different toxicities found in our personal care products.  On Think Dirty‘s scale of 1-10, anything 3 or less is what we should aim for.  Ultimately, the rule is: if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth and eat it, why would you put it on your skin to absorb into your body in nearly the same way? TRUEEE.  So, you could imagine how disturbed I felt to learn that about 90% of my skincare and beauty products were topping the scale at 8s, 9s, and even the dirtiest 10s!

After my mini panic attack, I vowed to start my journey to a “cleaner” bathroom cabinet and makeup bag.  When better a time than now, October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month?!  I challenge you to do the same.  My homework to myself and all of you (men that goes for you, too) is to download Think Dirty, rate your daily bathroom cabinets-worth of products and swap out one single product for a 3- rated product.  Extra credit points for swapping out additional, you little over achiever, you!  Let’s show cancer who the boob really is.

The degree180 blogsquad wants to hear your feedback on what you find to be your new favorite “clean” products.  I, especially, never turn down a good product suggestion!  Email us at