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Are We Really Still Doing That Whole “Girl Bullying” Thing?

By September 17, 2015 0

Who better to picture than the beauty icon Ms. Coco Chanel, herself, no?  The babe did have a point when she stated that “a girl should be two things: who and what she wants“.

Now on that note- Keep Coco’s wise words in mind, while I share with you a story.  Not one directly inspired by an article or video but, instead, one inspired by today’s events.

This morning I overheard some girl-bullying. Are we really still even doing this? Was the Mean Girls act ever really cool, because I thought it was meant to be a comedic story line in a self-titled movie?  Overhearing one girl say to her ‘friend’, “STAHHHHP! I love you but let’s be real, you could never pull off that look. It’s SO not ‘you’!”, really just made me cringe.

I’ll shamelessly admit that my younger self was once weary about switching up a uniform-like beauty routine of tons of bronzer, black eyeliner and a pale lip, wondering how people would receive any other version of me.  Would they think I’m a poser?  Would they laugh and wonder who the hell I thought I was?  Too often, women (and men!) battle these thoughts daily.  Luckily, as I began moving through my 20s, I soon learned that none of those fears ever really mattered.  I mattered.  I guess you could say that I embraced the ‘IDGAF’ mentality toward the idea or maybe, more so, I simply just embraced ME!

So, the main question becomes: Why can’t we experiment and explore?  Why can’t we get a little weird?  Why can’t we step out of our comfort zone, out of our norm?  Why can’t we wake up with the desire to express, on our face, a certain facet of our self today, and another tomorrow?  Why can’t we be who and what we want?  It’s make up people!  News flash: it-washes-off.  Just as our mood can change, our look can follow suit.  And, please, I need you to know… that is O-K!  Why?  Because, as Ms. Chanel has also believed, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

AKA, do you.