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Our Generation Is Getting More And More Embarrassing

By February 25, 2016 2

Going swimming with dolphins is an event marked on many people’s bucket lists, and for good reason. They’re sweet, innocent creatures that are known for saving people from sharks and often, during a couple’s vacation, for holding signs in their mouths that say “Will you marry me?”

Can you imagine being indirectly proposed to by a sweet dolphin? First I’d kiss my fiance, and then I’d kiss the dolphin.

There is one dolphin who will never be able to swim with people again, or be the special one who proposes to lucky girls.

An endangered, baby dolphin in Argentina was pulled out of the water in a crowd of people and was passed around like a prop for pictures. During this time, these people ended up killing their prized “prop” because taking pictures was obviously more important than putting a sea animal back into the water where it belongs.

There’s a video of the baby dolphin being passed around for pictures, and then left to die on the ground. No one attempted to save the poor animal. They all just left the young animal lying there helpless and suffering.

It’s been documented that the main threats to this endangered species of dolphins are gill nets, which could drown or injure the animals.

Apparently, humans are just as much of a threat

When did we become so full of ourselves, and so concerned with what kissy-face-photo we were going to put on the Internet, that we let it become dangerous? We are a reckless generation, and the planet is going to go up in flames under our watch if we don’t get our priorities straight. The fact that a group of people KILLED an animal for the sake of a photograph is not only sad and disgusting, it’s embarrassing.

Nothing is important enough to harm a living creature. Especially not a selfie.