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In Defense Of The Modeling Industry, As Told By A Model

By October 27, 2015 0

Another model has just opened up and shared her story about the unfair body demands in the modeling industry. Charli Howard is 5’8″ and called out her former agency for labeling her as “too big” and “out of shape,” when in reality, she is only a UK size 6-8.

As a model, I understand her anger and I can sympathize with her, yet I also feel compelled to state that the modeling industry is not all evil.

In my four years as a model, I have only been told by one industry person to tone down my legs and lose muscle. On the other hand, I have actually been told by several people to “gain weight” or “eat more,” especially if I wanted to do well within commercial modeling.

Medically speaking, I have always been underweight, but I do not harm my body to be this size. Naturally, I am a US size 2 and if I workout and eat healthy I can easily fall to a 0. A lot of fellow models are like me and find it fairly easy to remain the size desired by our agencies.

With that said, I also know that a lot of models work insanely hard to meet the required measurements and sometimes resort to extreme measures to shed an inch off of their bodies.

At the end of the day, if we do not have the desired body type, then we simply do not get the job. Yes, this can be hard to accept, but no one is forcing us to model or to change our bodies. Just like Charli, I feel an insane amount of pressure as a model, but I have learned that I cannot blame the industry because I choose to put myself out there for criticism.

As models, rejection and criticism can be difficult to stomach because it always feels like  “you are ugly” or “your body is disgusting” but sometimes, it really can just be a “I had a different look in mind” or “the sample clothes do not fit.”

I applaud Charli Howard for standing up for herself and I think she sent a great message to many children and teens around the world, but I still feel the need to voice my own stories in order to smash the long-standing perception that all models have to starve themselves.

Charli and I can both agree on one thing for certain though; the modeling industry, despite its downfalls, has given us amazing opportunities and memories that will last us a lifetime.

Look out for more of my posts about the secret world of modeling.

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