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Can You Try To Be A Little Less Ignorant About Veganism…For Me?

By November 18, 2015 0

The following is a slight rant in response to a conversation I had earlier with a very ignorant person.

“OMG EW! I would neeever eat vegan food. Gross.” *proceeds to bite into an apple*

That apple was vegan.

Actually, all fruit is vegan,

and all vegetables are vegan.

All nuts, grains and legumes are vegan too.

Crazy, right?

Oh, and Oreo cookies? Yeah, those are vegan too.

Alas! You’ve been fooled!

But seriously,

I’m getting really annoyed by arrogant people telling me they would NEVER eat “vegan food,” when in reality they most likely consume some form of it everyday.

The lettuce hidden under all that chicken, parmesan and Caesar dressing is vegan. Of course, all of the toppings are far from vegan-friendly, but the lettuce itself did not come from an animal and therefore it is vegan.

Do not look me in the eye and tell me a banana isn’t vegan. Yes, it is.

Fruits and vegetables are naturally vegan!

ANYTHING that does not contain animal products is vegan.

Just because it’s not geared specifically towards vegans, does not mean it isn’t vegan.

Ok, rant over, I promise.

I just really wish people would stop thinking of veganism as this scary, restrictive diet that consists of tofu and only tofu.

Honestly, I really don’t care if people disagree with veganism. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

However, I do care when someone begins to attack me for my a personal choices, and thinks its okay to criticize something without even trying to understand it. This especially bothers me considering the fact that I would NEVER tell a person they shouldn’t eat meat.