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I Got Acne At 26-Years-Old. And Guess What? I Survived.

By September 6, 2015 0

25 years of perfect skin.

Then I turned 26 this year and BOOM, new set of hormones I guess. My skin relentlessly broke out into what I must assume was some form of cystic acne that had a particular axe to grind upon my face.
To be honest, I initially panicked. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t recognize my face. I felt ugly and I was really confused as to why it was happening to me at this later stage of the game– I mean, TWENTY-SIX?.

But the timing was well-designed, because 8 months earlier, I had begun my spiritual journey and so this appeared to me to be some sort of a test to explore myself within and so I thought, “ok Candace, you gave yourself this acne–why?”
I didn’t go see a doctor. Instead of racing to my dermatologist and having her prescribe me some harsh pill or
ointment, I made up my mind to just experience it. Internalizing the matter helped me to understand that t
he only reason I thought I looked ugly is because we are all a part of a society that perpetuates this unrealistic idea of beauty, which has been synthesized with perfection. The media makes us think there is something wrong with growing up. It makes us believe that acne, flat tits, braces, baby fat– all of that is ugly.
But no, that actually could not be further from the truth.

Some of us have acne, some us have had acne, and some of us will get acne. It’s just our body saying “hey, you are experiencing growth”, which is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

In an effort to overcome my vanity, I took the more traditional route of  laughter. After all, I did sort of look like a 13 year old boy, (which was a humbling first) and every time I told my best friend I was going through late-stage-puberty, she almost peed her pants of laughter, which I have to admit was contagious. As the days dragged on, an amazing thing began to happen; My heart and mind began to feel in harmony with my body. The acne felt like a healthy release–as if my skin was acknowledging the conscionable shift that my spirit was undertaking, releasing years of built up negativity”.

A little more than three months and zero doctor visits later– my face cleared up, just as suddenly as it had erupted. Actually, I think my skin looks BETTER now than it did before the acne arrived.

There is no “secret” to clear skin, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with unclear skin.

Experience the normality of growing up. It’s awkward, amusing, and ultimately WONDERFUL.