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A 1st Grader Just Went Under The Knife For Cosmetic Surgery

By September 30, 2015 1
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A First Grader, surgically pinned his ears back, after experiencing constant bullying, that was crippling his self-esteem. While I can’t imagine how helpless and desperate the young boy felt, I wonder…

Where were the teachers and parents of the bullies? Why don’t we hold people accountable for the actions of their children?

Have we lost all of our humanity?

This child’s ears while physically unique, were not endangering him in any way other than what he heard out of them. Yes, we have progressed significantly when it comes to bullying, however most of the discussion has been about defining and punishing bullies. Clearly we need to shift the conversation toward the acceptance and understanding of those who are different. 

Differences do not need to be fixed by a plastic surgeon.

We should not normalize or celebrate children under the knife for non-medical issues.

We need to teach our children how to embrace themselves and one another.

Please watch this “heart-wrenching video, covered by Inside Edition here.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition


  • oldoddjobs

    They’re not “our” children.