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A Thank You Letter to Donald Trump

By April 4, 2016 2

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m writing to you because I wanted to thank you; you’ve really done so much for me.

I was never really interested in politics. I found it slightly boring and I hated political debates because they just lead to a bunch of yelling and unsettled arguments. When you joined the Presidential race it peaked my interest, mainly because I thought it was humorous that the same man who I best knew for his catch phrase, “you’re fired” on The Apprentice actually thought he had a chance of being elected our next President. Honestly, your candidacy seemed like a joke employed by the government to lighten the hearts of U.S citizens in wake of the all the recent tragedies surrounding us.

And then you started winning.

I couldn’t, and still can’t, believe that people are actually supporting you! I’m completely dumbfounded that you, the same man who’s on marriage number three, led four of casinos into bankruptcy and utilizes social media like a 13-year-old girl, is actually the front runner for the Republican candidacy.

The idea of you being my future President makes my skin crawl, but you did provide me with a new sense of political awareness. I cringed listening to your racist comments and sexist remarks—but at least I was listening. I was so afraid of you getting elected that I started researching other candidates. I learned about their policies and what they stand for and began to develop ideas of who will best suit my way of thinking and living. I now care enough about the future of my country, and therefore pay close attention to politics in order to form my own political opinions— all things I have you to thank for.

So, my dear Trump, I will not be voting for you this upcoming election, but I will be voting because of you.




  • Ross

    The problem of course is that who are you going to vote for instead?
    Bernie the Socialist?
    Read through, get to know it and importantly see where it has been used in countries and the result of doing so.
    What about Hillary? A woman in the White House? Yay!
    THAT woman. If gender is the only thing she has going for her, US is in trouble.
    Ted Cruz? He mathematically is no longer viable, that saves me the grief of having to list the reasons he would be so terrible.

    The best of a bad lot is Donald Trump. A vote for him is a vote against the others. But more than that, whilst his rhetoric for all its conviction is full of sound bytes and bluster, his policies are not that difficult to understand and appreciate. Yes say what you like about his various faux pas and gaffes or his inability to expand and be nuanced, but border protection IS an issue worth addressing seriously, so is the crisis of Terrorism and the recent immigration policies in Europe with specifically Muslim populations. It is not racist to address these.

    The thing that you will also get with Donald trump is a guy who (like Reagan) has had no experience in politics. So what will he do after the Campaigning “Your fired!” guy has done enough to get him into the White House? He will be more than a little clueless. Fortunately he will have a team of advisors who will show him and advise him on how to lead the country. The will not be Yes Men, nor people he has been working with previously in his role as politician or Senator. He will not know enough about skirting process or procedures or what positions he can argue. Hillary will as she has done.

    So back to you. Who are you going to vote for and why?

  • Leon Trotsky

    “When you joined the Presidential race it peaked my interest”

    The word you were looking for is “piqued”