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Trump’s Wife Is An Immigrant, So He Can’t Be Racist, Right?

By March 1, 2016 2

We’ve all read the numerous headlines, and seen the video clips and the stories on Donald Trump’s opinions of different races and immigrants in America. We’ve all questioned whether or not he sounds racist – if it’s even in question – and, to top it off, if he’s also sexist.

During a recent interview, Melania Trump clairfied somethings about her seemingly “misunderstood” husband.

She was asked about her own immigrant status and whether or not she was insulted by her husband’s words. She responded by saying that she was not insulted at all, because even though she is an immigrant, she is not an illegal immigrant. She also said that Donald Trump has all along been referring to illegal immigrants, rather than referring to the entire population of immigrants and Mexicans.

We obviously must have missed the video of when he made this distinction…

On the subject of sexism, she says that her husband treats and respects all women the same as he does all men. She goes on to state that no matter what gender a person is, they are still human.

The question is, is this how her husband feels, or is it how she feels?

How is it that a man who is married to an immigrant – who is an intelligent woman who speaks five languages – can publicly belittle all immigrants?

Pardon me for putting the obvious out there, but her words and his words just don’t give off the same meanings. At all.

In Melania Trump’s eyes, her husband is an intelligent man whose mind she finds to be fascinating and powerful. He is a man who respects her, and all women alike. He is a man who doesn’t refuse homeless, suffering immigrants from coming into our country for both shelter and safety. He is a man who upholds the law and respects everyone who does just that.

Hold on – are we talking about the same Donald Trump here?

Considering his recent win in South Carolina, which pushed Jeb Bush out of the running, Melania isn’t the only one who sees Trump in a positive light.

It makes me wonder if we’re all reading the same headlines and watching the same video clips.

Maybe we’re missing something, and maybe Trump is merely misunderstood!

…. Yeah, right. 


  • Ross

    Yes Donald Trump hates his wife and his Grandparents and absolutely hates immigrants and this is the only conclusion a reasonable thinking human can have

    …yeah right.

    No? Okay now let’s talk as reasonable people. Trump is a blowhard and is used to giving short and succinct barks, “You’re Fired!”. Whether this Apprentice Guy persona is absolutely him or not, what he gains in the “speaking his mind and being fearless” he loses in lack of nuance and diplomacy.

    Now the argument of actions speaking louder than words is a good one and as my opening paragraph shows is a decent point. But another one is why should voters HAVE to second guess him or “translate” what he says. You have every right to make THAT complaint and you know I would agree with you.

    Border security IS a valid concern. Illegal immigration IS a valid concern. Letting people like his wife or Grandparents in I do not think is one that he is against and I think that ANYONE pretending that he would imagine that they were is being either completely moronic or deliberately dishonest. What about paying attention to the Muslim crisis in Europe and thinking critically on the possible impact a similar unfettered and unchecked immigration of refuges may do to US? Is this worth consideration and taking a firm approach rather than a possibly watered down PC open borders approach?

    A reasonable person will look at the issues and say “Well damn, he made that point rather badly and he needs to stop with these sound bytes, I can handle a little more clear and expanded upon premise, BUT I think that this is an important point and I think he is right to shine the light on them.”

    I can excuse him not being clear. I can excuse him drawing poor analogies. I can excuse him for his unapologetic lack of diplomacy and his palpable arrogance. I can because I am rational and interested in looking at things constructively and critically. I am not after a sound byte or a simple premise or a simple answer no matter how willing he is to provide it or for others to misinterpret it.

  • superwolfkin

    How is it that a man who is married to an immigrant – who is an intelligent woman who speaks five languages – can publicly belittle all immigrants?

    The key is that in American political discourse “Immigrant” doesn’t mean person who comes from another country. Immigrant means people who look like Syrians not people who look like Mrs Trump. People who come from South of the border not people who come from North of it.

    And part of the reason this is. Is because some immigrants can “blend in” and I’m not talking about culturally. Some of the immigrants if you see them on a park bench. You might assume are american. Some of them even if they were born in Kansas and are 2nd or 3rd generation you will assume are foreign. It’s part of our national defaultness. If you look white, you look alright. It doesn’t matter how Czech or Ukranian, or Austrailian you actually are.