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I’m The Girl “One Size Fits All” Is Made For, And I Hate It.

By February 26, 2016 0

Standards of feminine beauty are presented in almost all forms of popular media, suffocating women with images of what is considered the “ideal body.” These standards of beauty are practically unattainable for most women, yet the media continues to market this unrealistic image. This image creates an unhealthy mindset in women by making them believe they have to look like these models to feel beautiful. This makes it extremely difficult for women to every feel any sense of contentment with their physical appearance.

Brandy Melville, an Italian clothing brand, is well-known for providing stylish clothing for a reasonable price.

It is also infamous for it’s “one-size fits all” policy.

When looking at their website and social media profiles, it is instantly apparent by the looks of their models that their demographic is specifically young, white, skinny girls. Their “one-size” policy should really be called a “size-zero” policy because it is clear that they designed their clothes with only one size in mind.

If you browse through a Brandy Melville store, the majority of their clothing is either labeled “one-size” or “small.” On a rare occasion you can find a medium, but never anything larger.

All of the employees at the store are nearly identical to the models of their website; tall, skinny, and blonde.

Want to apply for a job at Brandy? Make sure you have your best selfie prepared. The company requires you to submit a photo of yourself online when applying for a job.

Brandy Melville promotes the image of an old school Barbie-Esque ideal girl” (They recently announced plans to diversify their dolls, yay!), an image that most girls will never be able to attain and I think that’s fucked up.

Clothing brands like Brandy Melville, that advocate very particular, very small, body shape promotes bodying shaming and can lead girls into skipping meals, restricting calories and purging. No one should avoid a store because it doesn’t carry clothes fit for their body type and no one should feel that they aren’t good enough to wear a certain brand of clothing.

Now, it’s confession time: I’m fully aware of how much damage a “one size fits all policy” can have on a girl’s self-esteem, but I don’t have that problem. Actually, I fit perfectly into Brandy’s clothing. I’m tall and lean; I fit the mold that Brandy created.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I even care that Brandy doesn’t carry various sizes since it really doesn’t effect me, so I’ll explain.

I’ve struggled with body image since I was 14-years-old. My torso is too long, my legs are too short, my boobs aren’t big enough, my butt isn’t round enough but, at least, I can fit into a Brandy Melville crop top, right? I enviously look at girls who have the attributes that I desire all the time. I’m not entirely confident with my body, so I absolutely do not want someone seeing me wearing Brandy Melville and thinking, “I wish I had her body.”

I’m not saying that I hate my body; I don’t. However, just because I happen to fit into Brandy’s “one-size,” doesn’t mean I’m totally okay with every aspect of my body and Brandy Melville can mislead girls into thinking that fitting into their clothes, they’ll attain total body confidence.

I demand that Brandy stops being lazy and starts creating clothes for all body types because this “one-size fits all” policy is bullshit.

Fashion is supposed to make people feel confident and beautiful; it shouldn’t be a competition. Brandy Melville and other clothing stores that 00 and OS are one in the same are full of shit and honestly, just plain stupid. People want to buy their clothes, but with their super small sizes, they’re making it impossible for most people to do so.

I think it’s important for girls to be able to embrace their bodies and be okay with their shape and size, which is why brands like Brandy Melville make me so heated.

We are raised being told that each and every one of us is uniquely different, so I think it’s time the fashion industry and mass media started acknowledging that.

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