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@Men: Chivalry Isn’t Dead, You’re Just Out of Practice.

By January 16, 2016 0

To The Man I Opened The Door For Yesterday:

Was it my face that repulsed you, or was it the fact that a woman actually had the audacity to open the door for you that pissed you off? (FYI: I’m rooting for the latter).

It was a normal, chilly day. I was walking towards the building, and you were walking out of it. I just so happened to beat you to the door, so I kindly opened it for you. You looked at me, your face the epitome of shock, but quickly turning to what I can only explain as absolute repulsion.

You: (Cue an awkwardly long pause), ‘Oh….uh, thanks?’ – (Yeah, you took your sweet time recovering yourself and taking the door from me. Really smooth move, Mr.).

My first reaction? To apologize to you.

Me: ‘Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just a habit.’

You nodded, started to walk away, but then looked at me one last time before going about your business. That look of repulsion never left your face before turning your back on me.


Assuming that it was my action, not my face, that caused this reaction from you, I would have to say that you’re still living in the dark ages.

Serious question here: Why are people like you still living with the idea that women are the ones who need to be looked after? To people like you, women are weak and dependent upon the male species. Women are not allowed to pay for a man’s meal, to ask a man out or to hit on him first, let alone open the damn door for him.

Here’s an update for you, and for those like you who are still living in the stone age: women can be chivalrous, too. I’m going to take it a step further and possibly blow your mind: women can be the breadwinners, too.

And guess what? You’d be damn lucky to have a woman like that in your life. I mean, it’s not every day that a man has a woman open the door for him. In fact, you should be honored, not repulsed.

I hope you learned a valuable lesson the day our paths – and faces – crossed.


A Chivalrous and Independent Woman

PS: You’re welcome.