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7 Ways To Curb Your Winter Blues, Because Seasonal Effective Disorder Is REAL

By November 16, 2015 0

Winter blues.

We’ve all experienced it; that little tinge of sadness that begins to unfold inside of us all as the winter months approach. Let’s face it, very few people actually enjoy the cold.

An occasional ski trip? Sure. 

A night curled up in front of the fire place with your favorite novel? Ill take it!

But four below-freezing months wrought with blizzards and an impossible amount of layers which still don’t keep you warm (what’s up East Coast!) and there isn’t a single person who won’t find his/herself fighting off what the medical field has pegged, “seasonal affective disorder.”

Shorter days make the world seem more dark and gloomy. Holiday celebrations offer a glimpse of hope and happiness, but the persistent freezing temperatures and chilling winds still return us to our despair. So just how do we fight off these impending winter blues? Here are seven tips I personally use to curtail my desire to up and move to Mexico (aside from the fact that I don’t speak Spanish and my family would miss me dearly).

  1. Get Out Of The House!! This is an obvious one but go somewhere–anywhere other than your house. That may be hard, but it’s been proven that fresh air (no matter how cold it is) makes us happier, as does a change of scenery. Try a cool coffee shop or maybe a little retail therapy at your favorite store. Just being out of your house will make you feel better. Trust me.
  2. Drink Tea. And a lot of it. It warms you up, helps you relax, plus it’s both great for your health and super yummy. You can even go #basicwhitegirl about it! Try a seasonal flavor like peppermint or pumpkin spice (we see you Taylor Swift).
  3. Make A Playlist Of Your Favorite “Up-lifting” Songs. Fact: music affects your mood. The month of December may not be the best time to throw on your Eminem or Sarah McLachlan tracks. By listening to songs with a positive, up-beat message, your mood will improve. If you’re too deep in the winter blues to create your own, Spotify and 8-Tracks have TONS of playlists that are actually designed to improve your mood. Pick one, and let the music work its magic.
  4. Read. A great way to escape from the cold, harsh reality of winter is allowing yourself to get lost in a good book. Click here for some really good recommendations.
  5. Wear Warm, Fuzzy Socks. Because who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? Duh.
  6. Make Plans With Your Friends. Don’t let the cold weather keep you from making plans. Hold a movie night or go ice skating. Being around your friends will instantly make you happier.
  7. Relax. I’m a huge advocate for yoga. I believe it’s the best way to find inner peace and alleviate stress. However, if yoga isn’t your thing, find something that relaxes you. Keep a journal, light your favorite candles, even adopt a kitten. Anything that will help you relax and forget about the freezing cold temperatures.

Stay up this season!