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6 Yogi Secrets Your Yoga Teacher Won’t Tell You

By January 4, 2016 2

If you hate yoga, I guarantee it’s because you’ve never done it before.

Okay—maybe you did it once, got pissed off that you couldn’t hold every pose and immediately decided you hated it. Either way, you didn’t give yoga a proper chance, because anyone who does yoga knows, it’s the greatest thing in the entire world. It’s not only an awesome workout, it also relives stress and improves your happiness and confidence. Unlike any other workout, yoga helps you both physically and mentally. But, I’m sure for some of you, this isn’t enough to sell you on yoga. So, here’s 6 benefits of yoga that your yoga teacher won’t tell you:

  1. Let me fast-forward to the end; Every yoga practice ends with a pose called shavasana or “corpse pose”. All this pose requires is for you to lie on your back with your eyes closed for a minimum of five minutes. Essentially, it’s like a built in nap into your day.
  2. Do you want to make more room in your stomach for that loaded burrito you’ve been craving? Yoga can help you with that. Twists and binds help clear out your digestive system so you’ll have more room to devour that massive burrito later.
  3. You can finally put those Victoria Secret yoga pants you bought at the Semi-Annual sale last year to good use. Plus, you’ll leave yoga with perkier butt, so you’ll look good inside and out.
  4. You know that annoying itch you get in the middle of your back that you can’t reach no matter how hard you try? After a few sessions of yoga, that won’t be a problem anymore.
  5. Want to spice up your sex life? Try yoga. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, an hour of yoga twice a week can increase your desire and stamina. Science, people.
  6. Finally, it just feels so fucking good. Yeah, sure, sometimes I’m sitting in some pretzel pose wondering why I do this to myself, but I have never left a yoga class feeling unsatisfied. Patience is virtue, my friends. You can’t just try something once and decide you hate it. Give yoga a chance. It’ll change your life, I promise.


  • mark gillono

    true yoga is based on ahimsa which means non-harm and non-violence. sadly, very few people actually live their yoga practice, especially when it comes to their diet. here is a great short article about yoga and ahimsa:

  • leticia

    amen! #6, it just feels good!