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STOP Whistling At Us When We Walk Down The Street

By January 3, 2016 0

I think it started with the cartoons, right?

The beloved ones we’d watch on Saturday mornings or on the days we stayed home “sick” from school—ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

It was usually coming out from between the yellowed fangs of a wolf character, one whom would jump four feet off the ground and whose eyes would grow large, bulging out of its sockets upon seeing a beautiful woman character.

It’s called the wolf whistle, and aside from being elementary (thanks Looney Toons)—its also degrading.

There are .04 percent of the women population who think it is a compliment. The rest of us generally find it to be repulsive.

New Flash: There is a reason it’s well-known for coming out of  a wolf character.

Women are not dogs. We are not animals, and we are not pieces of meat you can ravish to your liking (unless she’s into that sort of thing, of course).

@Men: Us women are not yours for the taking.

So you can stop wolf-whistling out of your car window at us while we walk by, because we do not want to hear it.

A woman’s appearance does not need the approval of a random man driving by in his car.

A woman’s beauty does not need the approval of any man, period—whether she believes this to be true or not.

Women are far more than just their appearances.

This needs to end, now.