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Who The F*** Are You? Seriously.

By January 2, 2016 0

I’m so sick of anything and everything artificial.

Artificial sugar, artificial people, artificial happiness from material items.. it’s all well, fake. 

I’ve allowed myself to become similarly artificial over the years; I focused so much on how I appeared to other people. I prided myself on my 1,000+ Instagram followers, and actually had an app that allowed me to see who unfollowed, so that I could immediately unfollow them as well.

“Unfollow for unfollow” was the motto I lived by. I became an addict and social media was my drug.

I’m not completely bashing social media here. I actually think social media is an awesome way to connect with people and spread and share messages. I do, however, think it’s pretty pathetic that this generation, myself included, struggles to look away from a screen for even a few minutes. If you see something awesome or do something out of the ordinary, then by all means, share it with the world. The ability to share beauty, personal achievements, or even tragedy at the touch of a button is incredible- but think of all of the things you might have missed while you were staring at your phone.

Are you watching the sunset, or just taking a picture of it? I’m beginning to wonder how many of the tremendous moments of our lives we have opted to observe through the 4inch screens of our cell phone devices.

I’ve also considered what might happen if we posted everything, the good, the bad, and the mundane on social media. Would we feel more connected to each other? Or would we just be annoyed by the constant pictures of people doing average things like watching television or running on the treadmill?

Those are rhetorical questions of course, and I can’t say I really have an answer to them. I do, however, think its time I focus less on my social media appearance and more on gaining real life experience. I think a standard resolution for all, beyond the start of a New Year (seriously, pick any day) should be a pledge to be more authentic.

Because if we continue to try to be everything we aren’t, we will wind up being absolutely nothing.

Ultimately, I no longer want to be artificial because there isn’t anything artificial that is good for us. And so this year I’m going to eat real food, surround myself with real people, and focus on inner-happiness.