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50 Thoughts This White Girl Had While Watching the Super Bowl Halftime Show

By February 16, 2016 0

  1. Wow, colors.
  2. Coldplay’s cool. I’m glad Chris Martin is having his moment.
  4. How do you even get a ticket to the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Those people all have to be kids of all the highest-ranking NFL peeps.
  5. Nice.
  6. Their set is making me want to go to Hawaii.
  7. Jumping dance party! Woo!
  8. Seriously, how do you even get there?
  9. Christ Martin is so happy. Hence the rainbows?
  10. I GET IT. GAYS.
  11. Gay pride? Is Chris Martin gay? A divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow might do that to a man…
  12. That was judgmental of me. I’m just kidding.
  13. Marching bands make everything better.
  14. I’m surprised this is, like, all Coldplay right now, tbh.
  15. Where are all the wardrobe malfunctions?
  16. Lemme see some Coldplay nipples! Just kidding.
  17. Oh, rip out the guitar riff. That guy’s like, “Fine, I’ll wear a jacket with tie-dye cuffs while I slay on my guitar, but I refuse to face the audience.”
  18. Still all Coldplay, huh?
  19. Beautiful rainbow sunflowers! Is he coming out?
  20. Sorry, again.
  21. I appreciate the joy and fun embedded in this show. Very cool.
  22. He’s on the ground a lot.
  23. Imagine the money spent on this crazy shindig…
  24. How many homeless children could we feed with –
  25. Oh, oh, there we go. Here’s Mr. Mars himself.
  26. Wearing trash bags?
  27. Toe-tappin’. Can’t help but love this song.
  28. … Why are they wearing trash bags.
  29. Missy Elliot did the trash bag look way better.
  30. I think I could be one of his back-up dancers. They kind of just hop around. I can do that. Just gimme a chain, I can bring my own trash bag. BYOTB.
  31. Oooo, drums for Beyonce!
  32. Text from mom: “You sure you don’t want to wear a garter for your wedding day? Beyonce rocks it!”
  33. Cute, she doesn’t realize my thighs don’t look like that.
  34. I could not be Beyonce’s back up dancer.
  35. Ah, I dig it, but gun ammunition-esque garb around her chest? That’s a little much. What happened to the love and rainbows!
  36. She’s Beyonce. She can do whatever she wants. That’s the answer.
  37. That was the embodiment of fierce.
  38. Yes, still going to leave the garter-rocking to Beyonce and her girls, Mom.
  39. I wonder what Chris Martin is doing during all this? On the ground again?
  40. I love a good pop-song mash-up.
  41. Ahh, there he is. Trash bags, gun ammunition, and rainbows. Happy 50th Super Bowl, America. This is the 21st century, after all…
  42. Cool tribute montage. Look how far our HD footage capabilities have come.
  43. Oh, Chris Martin, sing it. I could cry. If I cared that much about pop music history.
  44. Whoa, oh – Michael Jackson with Beyonce’s same gun ammunition-esque garb… huh! I get it — a tribute, perhaps?
  45. “We’re gonna get it, get it together right now, we’re gonna get it, get it together somehow…” I like it.
  46. Goosebumps.
  47. I gotta say it: So many feels.
  48. When will we get it together, Chris? Beyonce? Bruno? Will you lead us in the revolution?
  49. BELIEVE IN LOVE. Damn right.
  50. That was beautiful. I’ll take it. Anything’s better than dancing sharks and a weird animatronic tiger straight out of Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Let’s Review:
I was…
A little judgmental.
Very appreciative.
Enjoying the music.
In awe of the spectacle overall.
A tad bit inspired, to be real.

I was not…
Offended – racially, socially, or otherwise.
Searching for politically motivated undertones.
Overtly “slapped in the face” with any such messages.
Threatened or outraged.

Let’s try it: Believe in Love. Pretty sure that’s a legitimate message we could all take to heart.