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5 Awesome Mantras To Try On Today

By October 26, 2015 0

Mantra: a word, sound or phrase repeated to aid concentration during meditation. 

I think mantras can be beneficial every day, both in silence and out loud.

Mantras radiate the positive and exclude negative energies.

The following are my personal favorite, but the best thing about mantras is that you can customize them for you. So feel free to change these or even create your own :)

  1. I am thankful for who I am. When you start to doubt yourself, whether it’s the size of your jeans, your ability to get an A on your hardest midterm, or the way your friends view you, focus on the things you like about yourself and remember all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished thus far. Think about the time you helped score a winning goal or made a bomb dinner for your family. The size of the accomplishment doesn’t matter; be proud of even the little successes and use them as a means to pursue even greater ones.
  2. I will smile and impact someone’s day positively. We’ve all been on the receiving end of this one. You’re having a shitty day and then some lovely soul, whether it be a close friend or a complete stranger, smiles at you and just that smile, a truly effortless act of kindness, turns your entire day around. So now go be the sender of that smile. You might just make someone’s day.
  3. My curses will become blessings. We all have burdens that we would rather not deal with. No matter how much they may seem to suck at the time, try your hardest to remember that every single thing happens for a reason, and you will learn and grow from these obstacles.
  4. The only shoes I wear are my own. Be grateful for who you are and when you encounter someone who’s actions you don’t understand, be empathetic.
  5. I’ll release things out of my control. Worry is a misuse of imagination. Stop spending so much time contemplating things that you have no control over. Instead, focus your energy on making positive changes in your own life.